Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Yes Catwoman!

Catwoman: It is useless of you to resist Batman. You are in my clutchesMeeeoooowww!!!
Batman: Why are you staring at my utility belt.
Catwoman: I am not staring at your utility belt. But what is that tiny bump you have there? Please tell me you got a mosquito bite.


bagoh20 said...

I completely missed the the left 3/4 of that photo until I read the caption. I wish it was tldr.

Trooper York said...

Sure bags whatever you say.

I know you are a moose knuckle aficionado.

ricpic said...

Batman: Mommy always warned me there'd be wild wild women.

Catwoman: Prepare to be ravaged.

Batman: Be gentle.......awowoweyeayeOHOHO-H-H-H!!!!

Methadras said...

I would so Julie Newmar. No questions asked.


Everything you wanted to know about Catwoman but were afraid to ask Tim Burton

AllenS said...

How many women would date a man that wore his underpants over his pants?