Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The best new reality show on Television?

Even the idiots and douche bags at Red State realize that the new A&E Reality Show "Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath" is the best new reality series on television. It is about the Church of Scientology and the people who have left it. Leah was one of the most prominent members of the Church and a major spokes model for them. She began to question her membership in the church when she was at a wedding and asked about the wife of the leader and was immediately attacked. Something was up and they wanted to shut it down.

As you know there are many celebrity members of Scientology. John Travolta. Kristie Alley. Tom Cruise. Even the Good Witch Catherine Bell which was really a surprise. The show delineates how celebrities are catered to by the Church and every employee and contact is a member of the Church. The first episode has a woman who was involved in this process and she tells a very interesting story.

The Church of Scientology is recognized as a legitimate religion and gets a tax deduction and is treated as such. My question is would a network do a show about the Catholic Church or some Protestant congregation in the same way. I know they would never do it to the Jews or the Muslims but they are happy to do it the mainline Christian churches and now the Church of Scientology.

People are entitled to their beliefs. Doncha think? Who am I tell them that this is not a real religion and that the government and the press have to be involved in regulating and controlling them.

Anywho this is a riveting series with a lot to think about. Worth your time.

(Oh here is the photo I wanted to use at the beginning but Lem yells at me if I post photos of hot chicks if they are not dressed in UPS uniforms. Just sayn')


ricpic said...

Leah Remini was born in a girdle.

Leland said...

She's wearing brown. Looks like a UPS uniform to me.

chickelit said...

Leland said...She's wearing brown. Looks like a UPS uniform to me.

I think that was Troopers set and you spiked it!

rcocean said...

Yeah, but doesn't everyone understand they AREN'T a "real religion"?

I mean how understanding do we have to be to freakish beliefs just because someone slaps a "Religion" label on it? Their secretive behavior and willingness to sue and attack anyone who threatens their "religion" is sorta of a clue isn't it?

I'm always puzzled as to why people sign up with them. Are they ignorant, or do they think that they're super-smarties who see what no one else sees?

Of course, maybe I'm being judgmental. Whatever gets you through the night.

rcocean said...

And they'd never do this to the Protestants. Because if you stop believing in Christianity you don't leave - the social networking, hymns, and child care is too good.

deborah said...

She's a pretty good host of Project Runway All Stars.

deborah said...

Oh, wait...wrong Italian chick.