Thursday, November 3, 2016


Hey Feminists! Guess what? Chivarly is dead.  You killed it.

The man doesn't have to be faster than a crocodile. He just has to be faster than his girlfriend.

From The New York Post:

Boyfriend leaves girlfriend to deal with crocodile in resort pool 

New York Post By Sophia Rosenbaum November 3, 2016 

A relaxing night at an African resort took a terrifying turn when a crocodile took a dive into the pool and attacked two swimmers.
Heart-stopping surveillance footage obtained by CCTV shows the couple splashing around the pool in Kariba, Zimbabwe, last Thursday when the croc hopped into the water — heading straight towards the couple.
The man quickly escaped, causing the carnivorous crocodile to turn its snout on the woman.
She is cornered by the big-toothed reptile, but escapes mostly unscathed, save for a few scrapes.
The crocodile, meanwhile, remains soaking in the pool.


Leland said...

That's a bit unfair, the guy comes back to the side of the pool to distract the animal long enough for the girl to get away.

The interesting thing is the risk the croc took. That's a relatively small croc to go after that size of a prey.

Trooper York said...

Never underestimate the attraction of the pussy. Just sayn'

edutcher said...

Give her all the equality she demands.

Until she screams for mercy.

Lem said...

Just read in twitter mainsplaining is a feminism made up word when a woman explanation is desired instead of a man.

Leland said...

In that case Lem, the women obviously called upon her motherly instinct and was willing to sacrifice herself to save the weak man. Once others were safe, she then protected herself and then got out of the pool.

I'm willing to put Hillary and Trump in the pool and try the same thing. It's not science unless you can repeat the results.

Rabel said...

Where do you want to go for vacation this year, Dear?

I don't know, Honey. How about Zimbabwe? It looks nice.

PS: That's a different guy coming back for the save. The first one was already on the way to the airport.

bagoh20 said...

After that brazen disregard for pool etiquette, I'd insist on eating that fucker, making a nice new wallet, and putting his head on my wall.

I'd kill the Crock too.