Thursday, November 3, 2016

Has anybody checked Sixty's shed? Just askin'

Missing woman found ‘chained like a dog’ in storage container

New York Post By Jackie Salo November 3, 2016

A woman was found “chained like a dog” at a South Carolina home Thursday where she had been held captive after vanishing without a trace in August with her boyfriend.
Police say Kala Brown, 30, was found inside a metal storage container when they rescued her, according to news station WYFF. Brown told authorities she had been inside the container for two months, and that there were as many as four other people at the property in Woodruff, South Carolina.

Her boyfriend, Charlie Carver, 32, has not been found. Both were reported missing on Aug. 31.
“We need your prayers for this lady,” Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright told The State. “We have no intentions of leaving this property until we’re finished.”
The couple’s disappearance baffled family members when posts appeared on their Facebook page after the pair had gone missing. The posts included links to articles about their disappearance.
“What color ribbon supports the cure for people who can’t keep their nose out of other people’s business?” said one of the mysterious Facebook posts on Carver’s page and on various blogs throughout the internet.
Todd Kohlhepp, 45, of Moore, South Carolina, had been taken into custody on Thursday, but no charges have been filed, according to The State. In Arizona, Kohlhepp is a registered sex offender. It is unclear what his connection is to the property where Brown was found.
Brown was taken to a local hospital to be treated. Wright said she was “alive and well” but “obviously traumatized.”


edutcher said...

Well, she is a redhead. /ducks

PS Notice how there seem to be an increase in cases like this?

Or is it me?

Trooper York said...

If it was a blond I would have asked if it was you ed.

edutcher said...

If that was The Blonde, she'd have chewed through the chain.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

What happens in Sixty's storage shed should stay in Sixty's storage shed.

ed's too.

Sixty Grit said...

This is not a subject I will joke about or make lighthearted comments on. A woman I know was kidnapped and raped nearly 15 years ago and she will never get over it. There is nothing funny about the damage done by such violence.

Methadras said...

This is sometimes called a fetish.

AllenS said...

There are far too many weird people out there.