Sunday, October 2, 2016


A noted anti-Semite, Roger Waters of Pink Floyd fame, is fanning the flames of trumped-up hatred. Playing sold out shows in Mexico City, Waters juxtaposed several images of Trump = Hitler and Trump = KKK: link

The noted opponent of Brexit just can't stay out of American politics. Waters also screen-projected a phrase which has gone viral across Mexico: Trump Eres Un Pendejo (Trump, you're an asshole).

Waters will be playing a huge concert in Indio, California next weekend. I plan to go camping down that way. I hope I run into the little British twit.


chickelit said...

More of my rants against Waters here

Rhythm and Balls said...

I saw a clip of this chef Eric Ripert meeting with Waters, as he does with other people from whom he hopes to learn and to teach. Waters was so like "a fish out of water" (if you'll pardon the pun) on trying to relate to anything the guy was showing him in the kitchen. It was embarrassing. He knows how to dress sharp and still looks good at 70 or whatever, but can't handle a fucking simple paring knife if his life depended on it. THen he tried to teach Riper the opening to "Wish You Were Here," with all the patience of a Soviet training coach.

I think Waters comes from a good place originally, with his widowed mother's motivation toward helping barefoot children in interregnum Britain. But his mind is warped by an ideological certainty and self-righteousness about all his socialism. And it's dangerous, too - because of how talented and articulate an artist he is.

But then we can watch him revert to sputtering expletives and point to a blind temper tantrum for what it is.

edutcher said...

A riff on the old Chinese proverb, you know who's losing the argument, he's the one who Godwins.

windbag said...

I saw him in Atlanta years ago and we was ranting about Bush and pro-Palestinian crap. The crowd was booing him. What a clueless ass.