Thursday, October 6, 2016

"Working class white men make less than they did in 1996"

Working class white men saw their income drop 9% between 1996 and 2014, according to a new report from Sentier Research. This group, who Sentier defines as having only a high school diploma, earned only $36,787, on average, in 2014, down from $40,362 in 1996. (More)

Via Reddit:

Meanwhile, college educated white men saw their income soar nearly 23% over the same period, from $77,209 to $94,601.


edutcher said...

It's bad across the board.

that's why so many of the working stiffs favor Trump.

bagoh20 said...

We used to have a near monopoly on good paying work, and monopolies are doomed to crash from competition eventually. Last century was an unsustainable anomaly that favored Americans and White American men in particular for a number of historic and geopolitical reasons. We mostly excluded women, minorities, and foreigners from our game. They eventually got a seat at the table, and more players means you win less easily and less often. It's never going back without a zombie apocalypse. Also, in 1996 most American men could still fix their own car or plumbing. Today, few can change a tire or tell a pipe wrench from a crack pipe. Those who can, do alright because they are rare. They again have a new exclusive game based on local hands-on competence.