Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Ace of Spades calls a Spade a Spade.

Sean Hannity: Megyn Kelly, You're a Hillary Clinton Supporter


I don't know why this is a big story.
I suspect it comes down to three things:
1. Fox is a fairly stage-managed operation and so a bit of backstage bickering is interesting.
2. The conservative movement is over-interested in personal squabbles between its "celebrities."
3. The NeverTrump class that controls most of the commanding heights of conservative media isvery opposed to saying people who clearly support Hillary Clinton clearly support Hillary Clinton, for purely self-interested reasons. They want to support Hillary Clinton while forbidding you to note the obvious, on pain of shunning and whatever actual purging from the party they have the power to pull off.
It's their plot to tank the election, then come forward as the leaders of GOP thought again.

Basically, their plan is to give West Point to the British, and then, after the war is lost, they want to demand that America put them back in charge of West Point again.

To "save the party" or whatever.

They have therefore agreed mutually among each other that to call an obvious Hillary supporter an obvious Hillary supporter is on the level of a racial slur, a disgusting insult never to be uttered. And anyone who dares to speak the obvious should be branded guilty of a speech crime akin to racism.

One More: I forgot to include this one:
4. The conservative movement as a whole is a stage-managed operation. There is this wrongheaded idea that we must hide all internal disagreements so that the liberals and/or the media do not see it. Necessary arguments are squelched in the interests of "presenting a united front."

Then the putative leadership class wonders how the hell it so badly misread the electorate, while the putative intellectual class wonders why people aren't as psyched about free trade as everyone was at their last Cato Institute symposium.
So it feels weird to have a public argument, instead of the sublimated passive-aggressive sniping that we usually have.


edutcher said...

I like the Benedict Arnold analogy. So, if Miss Megyn is Peggy Arnold, at what point does she go into a swoon and let her dressing gown fall open to reveal all she owns to distract the Man From Mount Vernon and his staff while Hubbo makes his getaway?

Or is that Frumpty?

PS What you describe now has a name.Official Conservatism™. Feel free to use it.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Ms. Megyn is all about Ms. Megyn. If you want to know what's she's like, ask her first husband.

Rhythm and Balls said...

You got that right.

rhhardin said...

Fox News is about trying to look up the anchors' dresses, from the pics.