Tuesday, September 13, 2016

"With 2 Boy Georges and a few dozen Michael Jacksons we could eliminate the National Debt"

Archive footage from the 1984 Canadian federal election, when Canada's political parties were given five minutes of prime-time television. This was the first and last time the Rhinoceros Party was allowed on CBC.


Sixty Grit said...

Tertiary syphilis - that's my final diagnosis - it fits all the neurological symptoms and given that she may have, once upon a time shared living quarters with Bill, we have, as they say in the legal trade, means, method and opportunity for infection.

Since she visits strange apartments rather than an ER when she needs treatment, she has never gotten it treated, now she has end stage rails.

That's my final answer until I dream up another one,

Sixty Grit said...

Of course, as someone wrote somewhere, this is just a vast "right lung conspiracy".