Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Jason Chaffetz grills Mr. Herring of FBI

And lays it on thick.

Bam! You been served.

Top YouTube comment:

Excellent Excellent Excellent job Jason! Thank you for speaking for us Americans when we cannot! This is all so frustrating! FBI COMEY played bigtime politics here and ruined not only his reputation but shattered the trust we have in the FBI and DOJ!!!


edutcher said...

When he brings back the guy who ran Frumpty's server, let me know.

XRay said...

Very well done, even if, as likely, nothing will come of it.

I didn't know, or have forgotten, this, though:


A longstanding issue, evidently.

Link courtesy of http://synthstuff.com/mt/.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

The lawlessness and brazenness of this is depressing

ndspinelli said...

Girly man acts tough. He's a fucking joke and so are almost every Republican in Congress. Dems laugh @ the incompetence of these fools. I've served thousands of subpoenas. It does not make one tough. Being tough is locking people up for contempt of Congress. Getting indictments and putting Lerners, Koskinens, etc. in prison. This is faggy grandstanding. Call me when there's an indictment. edutcher gets it.

Chip Ahoy said...

Any little lagniappe that goes to record and serves to embarrass this administration, any tiny thing that goes to mar Comey's reputation as head of FBI, any disruption at all works for me. At this point, FBI deserves any and every mar to their reputation that can be delivered and I'll take it.

ndspinelli said...

We'll simply have to disagree, Chip. I've never been much for style, I'm all about substance. That's why I despise spin. It is interesting to read the new leaked emails from Colin Powell. He is one in a long line of people the Clinton's have shit on over the years. It's a very long and ever growing line.

AprilApple said...

ND - does congress have the power to lock people up?

MamaM said...

Loving the lagniappe. I didn't and don't regard the gentleman in the vid, the man asking the questions as a "girly man". Perhaps because I don't know what one is or why that particular term/judgment needs to be part of a comment on his actions, which seem appropriate regardless of what motive another might assign.

Thanks for the post. I enjoyed seeing someone do something with this ongoing trainwreck, even if it was only grandstanding.