Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Turkish man who lay in front of a tank

Metin Dogan, 40, didn’t think twice before he put himself in front of a tank and between armed soldiers attempting to take over the country on Friday - and told them to 'go over me or go away'.
‘When I lay down, I aligned my whole body, because I wanted my heart, my brain, and all my organs all to be crushed at once.

‘I’m waiting to see how that one second is going to feel. I didn’t want to miss that one second, If I miss that one second I would have felt like I missed something huge, so I’m waiting there, concentrating, waiting to see how that second is going to feel because that’s death.'

Metin, who served in the Turkish army himself when he was 30-years-old, said he had no doubt what he was doing was right – and his actions have been praised all over the world with #tankman trending on Twitter.

As soon as the medical student saw tanks on television on Friday night he wasted no time in running to the streets to face off with Turkish soldiers – and was thoroughly prepared to die for his country.

‘I immediately turned to my brother and said you have kids and a family — but I’m going. And I just left without letting them say anything or think about it,’ he told MailOnline.
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Amartel said...

Metin says he's apolitical and has never voted before in his life but rushed right out to lie in front of the tank because he didn't want bullies taking over the country. If true, and that's a stretch, then Metin is an example of a useful well-intentioned tool who is being used for nefarious purposes by people who are entirely political. Metin somehow has missed the fact that the bullies have already taken over his country. When they come for Metin perhaps he will finally realize.