Tuesday, August 16, 2022

On Her Positive Pinkness, Handholding & Handing Off With Reckless Abandon


Another member of the Fully Vaxxed and Twice Boosted Club succumbs, as the first anniversary of  Disastrous Leadership and Fudged Withdrawal in Afghanistan rolls around.   


edutcher said...

The Demos have honed cut and run into a less than fine art in the last half century.

That said, people who think it's weird Emmanuel Macron married his former senior high teacher, see nothing wrong with Brandon marrying the girl he babysat.

One presumes they sniff the same stuff.

MamaM said...

Ugh. The babysitting stuff took me in a circle that yielded this pic of Jill with Brandon, looking for all the world like another young girl he managed to grab for a sniff.


It also brought to my attention the name of her first husband's bar, The Stone Balloon. Odd how life works. Even though she somehow didn't manage to get half of it their divorce, she now owns and manages a different Stone Balloon.