Sunday, August 14, 2022

OK, batfans, riddle me this.

We all speculate about the raid. I've been saying we're winning, the biggest example to date is Trump's endorsed candidates in the primaries have ~95% success rate. 5 months ago, people said the first few would flop and that would be the end of it. Now we're looking at the possible end of the Uni-Party (YMMV).

The Lefties, along with the results of the crashing economy, Let's go, Brandon, the proposed hit squad of 87,000 IRS psychos, and aid to Ukraine, see all this and are scared purple. So Merrick sends the FIB to go through Melania's drawers (I'll bet Richard Levine has some nifty new outfits) in an operation of world class dumb to find something, anything. And, of course, they got zip

Somebody came up with something better. And I just love it, true or not.

We all know Jeffrey Epstein tried to pal around with Trump. Emerald Robinson wrote a piece on the theory, given more credence than otherwise might be thought, the whole Lolita thing was an intel hit on the politicos, which I linked here. Trump found out what he was doing to those little girls and told him to take a hike.

So what if they thought he had a client list? I mean THE client list, with names, dates, marital aids, positions, etc., not just a flight list. 

Proof you could take into court. 

And hang people.

And consider Ghislaine is still breathing regular. So is The Donald.

Chew on that one.


Trooper York said...

I think they confiscated documents relating to the Crossfire Hurricane debacle and the attempt to smear him with the Steele dossier. They confiscated them and won't give them back.

Trooper York said...

PJ Media published an article where they stated that Trump would be arrested.

I think that is true. They will go that far.

They are trying to provoke a violent response.

edutcher said...

Things being what they are, they'll screw that up, too.

Some Seppo said...

I doubt there's an Epstein connection to the raid. As transparent and incompetent as the left DOJ has been, I'm sure it was just another round of intimidation and long-shot fishing.

The erstwhile Supreme Court justice was directed by the NASB to "make it stop" when parents got fed up with wokeness from the Education establishment, and I bet it was the Dem Pacs and leadership which directed this round after they finally saw the reality of an electoral bloodbath staring them in the face.

Like the NASB debacle, this also backfired. "Bigly".

MamaM said...

From my perspective, the Epstein connection to The Raid is part of the narrative, intertwined and enlaced with (or lurking behind) strong self/party desires to shut down, intimidate, control, save face, nail, and humiliate the scapegoat (and holder of secrets?) through long shot fishing and abuse of power.

MamaM said...

Then there is this:
It should be pretty obvious that the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago was an attempt to seize evidence likely to be used in former President Donald Trump’s civil lawsuit in the Southern Florida Federal District Court against Hillary Clinton and associated defendants in and out of government for the defamation and racketeering operation known as RussiaGate — AND in any future criminal proceedings that might grow out of congressional investigations-to-come against officials past and present in the DOJ and FBI. The idea is to tie up all those documents in a legal dispute about declassification so they can’t be entered in any proceeding.

Some Seppo said...

Eh, it's as good of a guess as any, but re-classification regarding Crossfire Hurricane docs will have to be as strong as the Affadavit to pass the "it's not political" smell test.

And I'm sure the defamation suit lawyers have copies they can submit, so "I lost them, sorry" won't work here.

MamaM said...

There's a whole lot rolling around right now, with Gateway Pundit going with a Peter Strzok FBI-CIA connection.

Whatever it's about, the stench surrounding it is the kind that lingers in the nostrils.