Saturday, September 7, 2019

Merkel is making a big mistake

Poor dear is aging considerably right before our eyes.
She's pushing for EU-China investment deal. 

Her country has a lot of problems. Energy for example. Their insistence on switching radically to renewables has already put an extreme burden on their country. For another, as you know, their immigration policy is insane.

They have the same problems with China that we do but they are willing to deal with them but not harshly as Trump. They sell China a lot of automobiles. Demand in China for German automobiles is greater than demand in the U.S. so it makes sense to look there for business but they give away too much for short term advantage. 

It's all eating her up, and it shows.

Let's draw the calligraphy into Google translate and see if it actually says "Merkel."

Hey, hot diggity dog, it does.

That's phonetic. Separately they mean something else.

We don’t need this video. We already know all of this. These people are behind our comprehension. They’re the ones catching up. It’s listening to people arrive late and explain things we’ve already internalized.

To see how behind they are, and to also see how correct they are with the simple things, and to see the spots where their globalist view distorts their vision, we must gather our patience and bear with their impediments without making fun and imitating them because playing like that distracts our attention.

Knock it off with the imitations already.

This bit made me laugh. Like this, “heh-heh-heh pfft snort cough gak.”
"We have new trade talks coming up next week in Washington. Could China make new concessions to end the trade war, calling for a quick end. Could China back off a little bit?  And come to some kind of consensus with the U.S."
(First, "make concessions" then "consensus" with the U.S. That’s adorable. He doesn’t understand China at all.

Consensus among themselves, yes of course, but concession with the U.S. or any other country is not in their vocabulary. Philosophically, they are all/nothing, win/lose, panda face/dragon face, yin/yang. They  cannot do anything unless it is to the advantage of China.

We already know what China is  doing regarding IMF, and relationship with other nations. And we already know what Trump is doing to make genuine fair trade advantageous to China, that is, make the alternative very much worse. They require existential pain. Or nothing positive can happen. Trump will just as soon see China fail completely, take down the whole government, and take every county with them that puts their eggs in China’s basket as Merkel is doing. <— that there’s whatcha call a metaphor.)

Here's the bit that's funny.
"It looks like China is hardening. This might be a negotiating position. You don't negotiate when you put your compromises on the table. 
(He's right. The interviewer said "consensus" and "concession" and the answer guy says "compromises")
"I think that China has been frustrated with Trump's turns and turns around and now is probably just hoping for the U.S. election to solve this problem.
heh-heh-heh pfft snort cough gak. He's right again. We all well know that. What's taking so long for you?

Trump hasn't turned and turned around. Not at all. He's been steady as a rock, a big rock, a big fat immovable rock, like Gibraltar, while allowing breathing room here and there. He seems mercurial but he is not. He's f'n with China and it's driving them insane, and while his statements match his actions surprisingly and they've both been incredibly steady. Not turns and turns around, you silly simple fer'ner.

Trump's turn arounds? Are we even watching the same Trump?

To the contrary, the answer guy, and he's a pleasant enough, states what we all know, China is waiting for the ultimate "turn and turn around", the U.S. election, and counting on a turn that they're trying to bring. They're putting their hopes and their actions in a revolution. A turn around from one intractable American political party, one man actually and his team, that's destroying their communist prospects of world domination, to an American party they can manipulate as usual.

It's astounding seeing Trump do this. I am astounded. I never imagined any president doing this, even with Reagan as example regarding USSR. China has the whole globe by the cajones, world domination as communists dream, and Trump has giant China's tiny test tickles, and he is crushing them.

Orange man, so bad.

These people talking in the video are actually pretty good. 


edutcher said...

People are wise to her game and they don't like it.

chickelit said...

Merkel's family deliberately moved East from Hamburg to East German territory during the Cold War. She embraced that State with full vigor. She married man who controlled access to apartment flats for his doctoral and post doctoral students. One of them was built on the site of Gerbil's old propaganda ministry.

The German people have fallen for idiot leaders in the past and will continue to do so.

chickelit said...

For Merkel and her ilk, anti-Amerikanismus is the driving force. It is resentment based.

chickelit said...

And opening its trade window even more with China, pulls the EU even more into China's commercial sphere of control. This gives Britain even more reason to escape EU hegemony.

ricpic said...

chick hits it (or her) on the nose. She's a commie to the core. In the end the German People will "disappoint" her just as it disappointed Hitler. I know, you're not supposed to make Hitler comparisons but the similarity (under the surface differences) is glaring.