Saturday, September 7, 2019

Billiards on a ship

I chose the video carefully. All the others are longer and worse. 

I've never been on a cruise ship but my friends like them a lot. 

They go all over the place; north, south, east west, northwest, southeast, Yurp.

One of their favorites is Alaska. 

One of the trips is discounted because it's the changing of the ships. No wait, the changing of the ports. I forget the dealio but the ship goes between this and that, ending in California, then back to Alaska to reset. I don't know why it's discounted, perhaps it isn't that fun. But the people who did this told me they loved it. 

They like to sit around all day and drink alcohol beverages. 

I offered a cruise to my parents and they refused. My dad went, "F that noz."


"I was on a ship one time to Korea with a bunch of GIs and the experience was total hell."

     "That was a long time ago. That was military. This is pleasure. And cruise ships are different."

"Doesn't matter. I don't want to be stuck on a ship." 

Well, that's how I feel about airplanes  😠😝

All the videos of this particular pool table are terrible. The music is horrible, the alcohol-staccato bar-voices are irritating, the look through the port window upon a vast lonely sea is depressing, and I hate everyone's shoes. I can see that within thirty minutes I'd be sick of the place and I'd want to get off. And I don't care how good the food is nor how much entertainment they have nor how various the activities. I'd feel stuck. Just watching these several pool-table videos put me off permanently. 

Like being in a horrible wobbly bar. 

The ship must be rather small. 

Because the table is moving and other photos I've seen the ships are lug jury us. And they look like fun. But omg, those screeching voices. One little thing like Legionnaire's disease sweeping the ship and I'd be all, "get me on a helicopter outta here!" 

Tell me why I'm so wrong.

If your answer involves sex then maybe I could be interested.

I'm on a train going along a track.
I'm in a car going along a path.
I'm in a plane flying along a sky-lane.
I'm in a boat following along a sea-lane.

One time I visited a friend in Boulder on a rainy night. The oncoming cars close together traveling the same speed, not switching lanes, looked like a wet string of pearls. The lights represent living spirits on earth. Behind them is a living person inhabited by an actual spirit. The spirits are flowing like pearls along an established path. It's blowing my mind how organized we are spiritually, how cooperative we are as living spirits, all following the same path but to different destinations. 

     "I'd like to have some that shit that you're smoking." 

"How rude. I'm not smoking anything, you butt." 


Some Seppo said...

Eh, nobody's going to convince you to take a cruise if you're that closed minded about it. My wife and I love cruising at this time in our lives because we're so busy that the planning hassle is minimal.

No selecting locations to visit and places to stay once the cruise is selected.
No schlepping luggage from hotel to hotel, packing and unpacking, then searching for and consuming food instead of enjoying the new location.
No riding public transport between locations.
No airport security theater between locations.
No Internet unless we seek it out.

IOW, I don't have to spend 40 hours planning a trip that will be far from just relaxing. Once we retire we'll be doing less cruising since we won't need recharging and relaxing.

The above video was taken on a Royal Caribbean Radiance Class ship. It's small in regards to modern ships, being 15-20 year old class of ships. But 2500 passengers and 900 crew is hardly tiny. They are nice, comfortable ships with plenty to do without all of the modern ameneties: water slides, roller coasters, ice rinks, surf simulators, zip lines, etc.

I've played pool on those tables. They aren't perfect but they are unique at sea.

MamaM said...

Tell me why I'm wrong

Oh be still my heart. Is the door really open for this?

With shoe hatred flapping its tongue and piling on the back of a bitch about terrible tables, horrible music, irritating voices, and depressing views, it's hard to tell from the pitch and roll which ball goes in which pocket.

Some Seppo did a good job of presenting the current positives. During the 80's, when I worked as a travel agent, cruise vacations were known to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction, offering clients opportunities to experience the adventure of travel from a place of provision with time and space available for relaxation and activities on an individual or group basis.