Sunday, August 4, 2019

Michael Moore: Only Michelle Obama can save us from 4 more years of Trump

What's to save? Too much winning got you down? What a dope.

Have you noticed how some people do not age well at all?

He's only 3 months older than I am an he looks like shit.

I must now pray.

"Lord, thank you for sticking with me through all my trials and mistakes. You're the best. Amen."

I think young people jump to my assistance as they did today fourteen times wherever I went because I look like shit and look great at the same time. It's a dichotomy. It's like a spark of divinity that resides within me connects to the spark of divinity in them and they take notice and they stand there and hold open the door. In that moment we're divinity connected. They're extremely outwardly patient. Much more so than I was at their age. Wherever I go, and over and over and over throughout the day. It's grace extended to me repeatedly by young people who are situationally aware. They check me out closely as I pass by them. They all have truly great training. 

"Thank you for that. You're very sweet."

     "But of course."

I could just squeeze them to pieces.

While even with a fresh hair chop Moore looks like a freak. Sweaty t-shirt, boy's baseball cap, baggy pants, sneakers, snarling visage, vicious message. You can smell him from here.

I digress.

William Jacobson believes as I do that the Democrat slate is so pathetic they need to broker an untainted candidate. The problem is Michelle Obama is privileged and lazy. And she is not in love with America. They'll have to convince her she can leave all administrative duties to them and all she has to do is show up and enjoy the adulation, the power and perks. They can paint a picture that's too attractive to pass. Recall she said living in the White House was like living in a cage. She's such an ungrateful schmuck. Yet apparently she's the most admired woman in the world.

All she'll have to do is keep her dick taped down. 

Is that too much to ask? 

Jacobson describes panic setting in early among Democrats following the spectacle of their debates. 
Let the commoners like Kirsten Gillibrand, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and assorted other Democrat hopefuls jockey for position. They do not have the star power of Michelle. It’s why there was a rush to embrace Oprah when after her Golden Globes speech — Democrats are desperate for someone who can spark the Obama magic once again, who can serve to unify and motivate various factions of the party the way Mr. Obama did.
Now Michael Moore is openly calling for help.

I have friends who wouldn't give a fat sloppy slob two seconds of their attention yet they listen to Michael Moore and repeat him with uncritical devotion. It's weird.

Haven't we all had at least one acquaintance who was clumsy slow and overweight and unkempt and physically gross in wrinkled old clothes and blown out shoes and abused belt while keenly cynical and also amusing with electrical sparks of wit and truth within dirt clods of mud-packed wrongness? Huh? I can think of a few. But then I hung around weirdos.
Seems that after Democrats on stage last night trashed her husband’s key policies on Obamacare and immigration, the notoriously thin-skinned Mr. Obama must be furious. It’s bad enough when Trump vows to erase the Obama legacy, it’s worse when Democrats pledge to do so also. 
I have little doubt that Michelle Obama doesn’t want to run for or be president, as she has stated. Or that if asked today, she’d still say no. 
But when the huddled masses, including her husband, turn to her and plead with her to save them from Orange Man Bad, don’t count it out.
Comments to Jacobson's post are solid gold.

For example:
A whiny loudmouthed, unaccomplished bozo who could not punch her way out of a bag known as ‘college’ without affirmative action help. Nor could she hold a job afterwards. 
Her greatest accomplishment in life was starving American children in her pathetic ‘school lunch’ program, all while she took million dollar vacations (at taxpayer expense), ragged on our country and courted the likes of al sharpton. 
We can’t even figure out if this idiot is really a woman. 
Yes, mooooooooooooochelle obama will come riding to the rescue: as a mule.
Ha ha ha ha ha. That's first. Ew, this is going to be good.
* Free State Paul  
You’re all delusional. 
If Michelle were to run (a BIG if) she’d win in a landslide. 
And it would be white, suburban, RINO Soccer Moms who’d put her over the top. Opra’s audience. 

* *The fine 
This beast has two poses: ignorant snarling animal or smiling idiot. 
The ignorant snarling animal is real. The smiling idiot is a veneer so thin, it will be blow right off upon the first challenging question. She/he/its credibility would vanish like a donut set in front of that malignant pig Moore. 

*Tom Servo 
I don’t think a brokered convention can happen today. It made sense in the days when there were powerful party bosses who each had hundreds of delegates in their pockets, and they could go into the proverbial smoke filled room, cut a deal that gave everyone something they wanted, and walk out with a nominee. We don’t live in that world. 
So what happens if they go in to the convention with no firm nominee? Absolute Chaos – 1968 will look like a picnic by comparison. 
The ignorant snarling animal is real. The smiling idiot is a veneer so thin, it will be blow right off upon the first challenging question. She/he/its credibility would vanish like a donut set in front of that malignant pig Moore. 
She’s making too much money in the private sector to run. 
* * Arminius 
Do not bet on it. To this kind of people power is worth far more than money. 
* * notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital 
MTED wasn’t counting the hundreds of million$ in illegal bribes they count on getting…….. 
Hillary is one of the most disliked people on the planet. A recent poll lists Michelle Obama as the most admired woman in the world. That causes me extreme nausea, but we dismiss her at our peril. Like it or not, Michelle has a cult following and liberals/moderates would vote for her by the tens of millions. 
* * notamemberofanyorganizedpoliticalbut 
Figures do not lie, but Polls do. 
And so on for nearly 100 very entertaining remarks.


edutcher said...

Jacobson makes the point how a lot of the hopefuls went after Zippy in the last debate.

To wit

The irony is that Zippy could have no star brighter than himself, so the Demos had no bench. And so, the Demos are in a bind.

And the Big Fat Pig had his 15 minutes about 16 years ago.

All she'll have to do is keep her dick taped down.

Yeah, that projection in the front of her pants has been noticed. They say Zippy is scared to death of her.



AllenS said...

The man has lost his mind if he thinks that Michelle Obama is what this country needs.

AllenS said...

One more thing. What does he want to save us from? More people being employed?

ricpic said...

Moore is a naturally fat guy. When that type loses quite a bit of weight, as appears to be the case judging from that picture, it makes him look awful (or awfuller).

What's really frightening is that should The Wookie choose to run Trump is one and done.

chickelit said...

A Dutch relative (inlaw) of mine was a Micheal Moore fan, several years ago when I last visited. She had his collected works all neatly arranged on a shelf. She was also a vegan, an earth firster, a holistic nut, and a lousy spouse who left her husband and kids.

Does one of those things not belong?

Amartel said...

He looks like a deflated balloon. Sometime fat people stay solid as they get older, and sometimes, if there's nothing under all that fat, no muscle nor anything else - clearly the case, here - they just get lumpy.

Amartel said...

I think Michelle Obama is one of those people that people say they like because, well why not?; the tv people seem enthused and she hasn't actually done anything to earn dislike so might as well. But then when she opens her big dumb face and words start coming out then the like fades.

chickelit said...

Oprah would be a better candidate because she has less of the Wright stuff, plus she lacks the RBF that Michelle has. But black women would definitely go for Michelle over Oprah.

Amartel said...

Oprah's got a pedo/metoo problem.