Monday, June 11, 2018

Rhetoric compared, Trump VS Trudeau

Rhetoric, yes, I suppose.

While you'll hear actual logic from Trump, Trudeau is all about heart. And I cannot take my eyes off his slipping eyebrow now that I know about those things. Trump has goofy hair, but it's his hair. I wish Trump would shave his head. Or cut it extremely short. He'd be scary authentic.

Sharyl Attkisson wrote a piece about the FBI Mueller investigation using an analogy of a bank robbery. I saw on PJ media this morning her piece lauded for its excellent way of using the analogy to have people see the difficult issue through a different lens, a fantastic way to produce understanding of a complex issue. The PJ Media writer regarded her work excellent, the best, but I had a different reaction while reading it earlier. The analogy is flawed. She had to make up ways the FBI works to draw her picture. The whole time I was reading it I was automatically picking it apart line for line, the FBI doesn't work that way, they don't do that, banks don't get information that way, that's not how FBI communicates to banks, and banks don't behave that way, banks are solid buildings, money is a physical commodity, Mueller investigation doesn't match that, and that doesn't overlap this, and so on throughout. The analogy didn't work for me. Too full of holes. It suffers the fallacy of the false analogy. In fact, all analogies are false. You can take any analogy, no matter how excellent, and for every given similarity you can dig up at least two dissimilarities. Analogies are pure rhetoric, not logic. So the PJ Media writer really likes Attkisson's rhetoric. In his view she did a great job driving the points such that they lodge in the minds of her readers.

I guess so.

Trump will use analogy, "We're everyone's piggybank" but there are numbers behind his assertion were you to challenge him. Trudeau's rhetoric does not work on me. He's devoid of any cogent substantial numerical facts bearing on trade between us. Trump is looking at numbers, and Trudeau speaks about feelings. And his eyebrow is moving downward. I still can't get over that. If he didn't use so much botox in his forehead he'd feel his fake eyebrow creeping downward.

I wonder what he's going to do about that. Stop using fake eyebrows, or glue them on more securely? Brush his real eyebrows with a darkening agent, or tattoo them darker, or what?

So that's that.

On YouTube comments are closed. What a bummer!

But we're offered an array of new videos. Let's look at their titles.

* What Donald Trump doesn't understand about trade. by Vox

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. The kids at Vox are going to explain what Trump doesn't understand about trade. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Good one.

OMG, they're funny. You know what? I haven't read a single article on Vox. But I've read about Vox all over the internet.

* A Canadian goes into a Rage over Trump's trade war. By Team Coco

That could be good.

* Joe, President Donald Trump's attack on allies offers no Strategic ... By MSNBC

Yes it does. Balanced fair trade between us, ultimately dismantling protective subsidies and tariffs internationally.

* Trudeau: Canadians will not be pushed around. By CNN

Says the guy Trump is pushing around.

* Watch Trudeau try not to react while listening to Trump in the White ... By Maclean's

* Trump lies to Trudeau, fills his staff with loyalists: A close look. By Late Night with Seth Meyers

* Donald and Melania Trump's most cringworthy moments. By Nicki Swift

* Picking a fight with Canada doesn't strike me as very smart: Gingrich. By Fox Business

* Trump feuds with allies, sticks up for Russia. By CNN

All is well. The left is flouncing and splashing their bathwater. Just the way we prefer them. So much better than them being in power.


edutcher said...

These people are so desperate to hate him and, every time he accomplishes something else that's new and significant, they just can't process it.

And the rest of the country laughs.

I have a feeling a lot of Canuckistan does, too.

Amartel said...

The eyebrow situation on Trudeau is probably due to eyebrow "shaping" (I consulted knowledgeable sources). It's manscaping, basically. Probably started out plucking his eyebrows to minimize unibrow and then got carried away. Fop.

MamaM said...

There are places in your posts, ChipA, often unexpected places, where a resound "Yes!" happens. And I'm pleasantly surprised each time. Sometimes it takes a second reading or look.

Like today. I clicked on the video and as I watched the fake eyebrow descend, I wondered why the heck he couldn't feel it happening. That's a sensitive area and I can feel a mosquito land or a drop of water/sweat descend. For a sagging brow that's lost its stick and slowly moving downward to not have triggered a tentative touch, if not a moment of awareness or a huge Ohhhh is unbelievable.

Then I went back to find this in your post: I still can't get over that. If he didn't use so much botox in his forehead he'd feel his fake eyebrow creeping downward.

ampersand said...

Ok Canada, we will take your beaver pelts in exchange for 40 million Mexicans. Will throw in Puerto Rico and the noisier parts of California.

chickelit said...

“Rhetorical Butler” would be a great Internet handle. Not just the pun (which might attract Ruth Anne) but also the sense of language caretaking.

Sixty Grit said...

Good one, CL.