Monday, June 11, 2018

Art of the Fail

Would you like to have some fun?

Small Dead Animals, a contrarian Canadian site, posted the video Kudlow saying Trudeau (kind of) stabbed Trump in the back. This video. You've seen it everywhere. We must bear with CNN's Cuomo to get through it.

That's all there is to the post at Small Dead Animals but the video got 288 replies and those are lot of fun. The first one cracked me up:
Dear Canadian People,
Please forgive me for coming up there and slapping around your man-child of a PM until his eyebrows fell off. It was necessary to instill a sense of seriousness about the situation I believe he was missing. Although this tough-love I am raining down on Canada may seem harsh now, ultimately it will make your nation stronger, more prosperous and most importantly more competitive. The costs of your commie socialist overhead and lack of productivity can no longer be borne by the American taxpayer and you must learn to become independent and free so you can walk beside me, not behind me.
So I will soon see you on the world stage hopefully meeting with the new President of Canada Ezra Levant representing the new Republic of Canada!
I am Making Canada Great Again! 
President Donald J. Trump
The rest of the comments at Small Dead Animals discuss national subsidies that goof up international trade by counterbalancing tariffs. The commenters know what they're talking about. They make very good points all around. Much better discussion than anything on the news.


edutcher said...

Baby Trudeau is their Celebrity President.

Most of the places with Celebrity Presidents have Prime Ministers and are in Eastern Europe. They also have brains enough to elect knockout blondes who know enough to keep their mouths shut and sashay around in designer threads showing off their curves and looking gorgeous. Occasionally, they'll do a selfie with some publicity whore Western head of state that ensures his beat-with-a-ugly-stick, hideously dressed wife is caught on camera giving both of them the hairy eyeball, as we used to call it.

Again, the worst thing that ever happened to Canuckistan was when Richard Montgomery, Benedict Arnold, and Dan Morgan lost in '76.

William said...

If I worked at it, I could probably understand all of the intricacies of tariffs and duties and import levies and such, but, by the time I did, they will have worked out a new agreement and my knowledge would be as obsolete as last year's solar panels and their subsidies.