Monday, June 11, 2018

Pizza dough

When George said, "I wanna try making our own pizza dough" it made me a little bit sad. Think of all those people out there who never even tried it. I hadn't thought of that before.

This is pizza dough X20 speed, then the resulting video processed again X20, so I'm guessing here, probably something like X40 actual speed.

At the beginning of the brew session I was participating a little. After that I merely observed. The instructor was talking about barley and wheat. I asked him what kind of wheat. He wasn't sure how to answer. "Red or white?" White. "Hard or soft?" Soft. "Winter or spring?" At that point George and Paul both cracked up laughing. They're real questions. What's so f'k'n funny? Paul said, "Only you, Bo." Like everyone knows I'm some kind of weird-o. Then the instructor was talking to them about yeast. I told them that I bought some of their yeast, three types, and none of it worked very well. His description of simple sugars answered why that would be so. The type I bought is named "Turbo" but it's actually much slower than commercial baker's yeast. The instructor asked me what the name is of baker's yeast. I said, something like sacharrmosey cervisia, something like that (Saccharomyces cerevisiae). Paul said, "cerveza!" He doesn't speak Spanish but he knows that and he made the connection instantly.

Baker's yeast works incredibly quickly when you think about it. The cells are actually reproducing. I think what we see at first is the particle coating dissolving and that looks like yeast growing. Each yeast cell is coated with dead yeast cells. I think, all that breaks apart first, and then the cells begin reproducing. I'm not sure. I'm just guessing from watching so many times. I actually stand above it and watch.

This is actually 32 videos. My Nikon kept shutting off. That's where a few of the jumps show. It's supposed to give me 20 minutes, a tiny timer shows in the window, but then another larger timer in red intrudes counting down 30 seconds. I think that happens when the camera gets hot. The camera is trying to save itself and I keep pushing it to the limit. I work this camera to death. It's amazing that it's lasted this long. It's odometer has already tuned over four times. That I know of. Kudos, Nikon. I sure got my money's worth out of this thing by 10X already. 

I think it's beyond time I can move up to a professional model.

"But how would you know?" 

Because I said so, that's how I know.

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