Monday, June 11, 2018

Oxalis triangularis

The whole container is loaded with these things. They're the size of a .22 bullet and there is a full layer of them with little to no space between them. Then covered in dirt. Yesterday the first poked out of the dirt. Forty little bullets, I think. It's the only container that's monoculture. Except, there are tiny morning glory plants intruding all over the place. All the other containers have them, even where I don't want them. So I pull them out every day. The container where I do want morning glories will be culled by 75% at least. They are even growing in the rocks at the bottom of the little fountain. The fountain bowl is a medium size container with Flex Seal sprayed on the inside. The fountain is a cheap-o deal I expected to break apart to pieces the first year, yet it starts right up the last ten seasons. It's a mere pump attached to copper tubing with two copper discs crimped from the center to the edge into the vague shape of tiny lily pads, slightly conical,  with holes punched through the centers for the copper tubing. Only one copper tubing carries water. Cheap as possible. And that shows you can make a fountain out of anything. Eh-nee-thing.

So, go to Home Depot and buy stuff to make a fountain.

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