Sunday, May 13, 2018

Whose That Girl?

I only know of her from a show that everybody here hates.


Sixty Grit said...

Is she a member of the women's axillary?

edutcher said...

Doesn't look a thing like Barney.

chickelit said...

She’s British.

deborah said...

Is there a British actress on Dexter?

chickelit said...

You’re getting warm, deborah...

deborah said...

That's all I got.

Chip Ahoy said...

I did think Troop posted this.

You're talking about Dexter, n'est-ce pas?

I hated her in that, not because she's a bad actor, but because her character vexed Dexter by glomming onto him. And that told us he would eventually have to kill her and he did and that was satisfying.

Because she is gone, and the series can proceed without her.

Here's what I sense that bugs me about her.

She's a beautiful woman with a spectacular body who imagines herself without flaw on a par with truly unflawed beauties. There's a British arrogance right on the surface, that never goes away, as a person, not as actress, that she cannot out-act. She ain't all that.

I don't like seeing her whenever she shows up because I know I'm in for another dose of displaced British arrogance, as in Once Upon a Time.

There's only so much a guy can take of "heart" pronounced "hot" and Once Upon a Time has that word substitution at least 10 time each episode. At least. At max, 50 times each episode. By that one word alone, the entire cast eventually is reduced to baby talk and the entire series rendered unwatchable. They actually reach into the character's chest and pull out their hot. They share hots, hold things close to their hots, feel in their hots, express from their hots, know in their hots, speak hot to hot, their hots explode with passion, their hots fill with various things, their hots drain, fly, sink, burn, weep, shrink, wither, soar.

And I'm sitting here going, YOUR HOT GODDAMN WHAT?

Because hot is an adjective and heart is a noun.

She also appears in:
Devils Playground
Fright Night 2
Samuel Bleak
The Finder
Spartacus Gods of the Arena
The Mentalist
Agatha Christie's Poirot

Chip Ahoy said...

And various others widely too many to mention. She's everywhere bringing with her that same arrogant vibe and that same baby talk, the same hot body, actually hot, not heart body, the same inescapably slightly flawed, hard edged, harshened beauty.

Right now I'm watching Capote.

The actor Philip Seymour Hoffman absolutely nails his character so hard it's spooky. He's got Capote's look, his voice, his speech pattern, his tone, his mannerism, his personality, his timing, his annoying dialogue, his way of waning off, sort of floating. He's fascinating to watch for his embodying the character. Hoffman IS Capote. He's actually channeling the dead Capote to the point of becoming him.

I haven't read any of Capote's books. I know him only by Johnny Carson.

I start in at the scene where Capote is in a prison and discussing access to a prisoner. He pays the warden for access. And I'm wondering, what is this about?

In Cold Blood.

I bet an imaginary odds taker $10.00 this is about Capote getting access to interview to write his book In Cold Blood, a book I know nothing about except that writing it elevated Capote to celebrity status, the reason I saw him on Johnny Carson.

Except for another book Breakfast at Tiffany's. Another book I hadn't read and another movie I hadn't seen.

And this is how I nailed the two CLEP exams on Arts & Humanities, both longer exams for extra points, without additional studying. I aced both of them. The things that I managed to guess based on the tangental things that I know allowed me to fly through both exams. Man, what an ego booster those were. They're the ultimate "if you got the know how, then prove it" and I did. La la la

*files fingernails with imaginary emory board.*

I saw a portion of Breakfast at Tiffany's today. Here's another example. Identified from still photographs throughout my entire life. Sure enough, the characters walk right into Tiffany's. That's where I started, the scene where she walks into Tiffany's, so immediate confirmation, and admires a large garish necklace. Some dude offers to buy her a gift because she bought him a typewriter ribbon earlier. *click* I hate that kind of absurdist presumptuous airy-fairy crap.

That's the sort of thing Trump would have done in his hounddogging days, buy a woman an expensive gift just to show off. Ugh.

Ugh on both sides, the woman gawking longingly at jewelry she cannot afford for herself and ugh on the guy showing off on the tacit promise, a remote hope, of making himself incrementally more attractive sexually.

[They just now showed Capote witnessing his subject being hung for his crimes. Good Lord, what an awful way to be killed. Oh. That's where it ends.]

Capote: recommended.

Everything else: not recommended.

Except Dexter which is very good given its subject matter. The guy who plays Sgt. Batista, David Zayas, is another actor we see everywhere, like Jaime Murray.

Sixty Grit said...

Gods, gods! Take that man away!

Even as I child I laughed at that one. Brits, maybe someday they will mature enough to speak our language.

T Ajuana said...

Whackadoodle! Too many chips, not enough ahoy. Find a life.

MamaM said...

All a matter of the "hot", T Ajuana, and life being where one finds it. On my end the ahoys revealed and encountered here far outnumber the chips which fall where they may.

chickelit said...

BTW, Chip called out the answer in the last line of last comment.