Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Photos of soldier go viral after his flight is delayed and he watches the birth of his daughter on Face Time

Hey look! A soldier is having an emotional breakdown, let's get out our cell phones.

And the internet is glad that they did.

The soldier is Brooks Lindsey. He was on his way home to be with his wife during the birth of their child. His flight was delayed and he was so frustrated and busted up that he cried right there in the terminal. The other delayed passengers gave him space to let it all out. 

Except for the part about taking his picture. 

There is video of him watching the birth, the astonishment reads on his face, the awesomeness of it, the miracle of birth, the frustration of being stopped from attending, factors beyond his control, the passion, all got to the other passengers emotionally. 

When the passengers heard the sound of the baby over the telephone they applauded. A woman's photos and video were uploaded to Facebook and now the whole thing  has gone viral. The family is blown away by the interest in their situation and all the emotional support they've received from strangers. This story is everywhere all at once. 

While the video remains proprietary property of Facebook, and they're extremely protective of their portion of the internet. No embed code as usual with other places. The settings on my laptop do not allow the video to be shown on two of my browsers. I saw the video on the Brave browser. It shows the photo above except with slight movement and slight changes in facial expression.

The story is everywhere at once, I watched it at Conservative Fighters. More details at the link, of the family's story, and the scene at the airport. It's sweet. You'll enjoy it.


AllenS said...

The story sounds positive, which is nice.

Amartel said...

Yeah, how nice that they found something nice to say about the soldier. Only finding nice things to say when a soldier is in tears seems to be a theme. A narrative, if you will. Still, I wish I hadn't seen this photo. It's not my business.

edutcher said...

Some things should be left private, but it says something most people respect what's going on.

Dickin'Bimbos@Home said...

I might have this all wrong but I find it odd that someone filmed him but just let him sit there alone. Jeebs - someone should have sat down next to him offering words of comfort and joy. I'd like to think that I would have. Just filming him is super odd.