Sunday, May 13, 2018

George Will disintegrates writing op-ed on Mike Pence

Diogenes Sarcastica™writes on Diogenes Middle Finger from an article drawn from Chicks On The Right.
What an illuminating assemblage of defecation. Or as a commoner would say, a flaming pile of crap.  This is the most intellectual masturbatory things I have ever read from Will, verbose for the sake of verbosity. If I didn't know better, I'd say this was a parody of what a “leftist intellectual” sounds like in the throes of depression. Sadly, he meant every word.
The samples given really are bad. George Will is fuera de su mente. I always wondered what "beside himself" means. And now I know. He's come right out of his normal self, what we thought we knew of his character. He is no longer himself. And that's not just because what he's saying is disagreeable, it's because what he's saying is far below everything else we've seen previously and because it is written so poorly. He sounds like a high schooler force-fitting all his new words.

I pinched the photo posted at Diogenes Middle Finger and I didn't realize until I began Photoshopping that it is already Photoshopped. Because surely the guy in the background mooning George Will doesn't belong there. So this source pic is Photoshopped twice. Awful book titles from Digital Synopsis. There are a lot more titles available. Had I known how small the file would end up, I'd have added more books. This was fun.


bagoh20 said...

But he loves baseball. He must be a regular guy. Does anyone know if Will ever actually threw a baseball, or if he can even lift a bat?

Dickin'Bimbos@Home said...

I sort of imagine Trump is the sort of guy who wants to be surrounded by humble yes-men and butt-kissers. So what?

Leftists are the same way, only they do it in a more passive-aggressive way and the vengeance they unleash to punish you if you don't fall in line is exacting, real and harsh.

Bill Kristol lost his mind over Trump. I knew that. Sad to see Will lost his mind, too.

Big words!

*** PLEASE make sure to watch the entirety of Chip's gif. freaking hilarious! ***

Chip Ahoy said...

My own bookcases are genuine jokes. Three very nice bookcases lined up take the whole wall. To visitors it looks scary intellectual loaded with big fat honkin' books. Most with classic titles. Dinosaurs, Moby Dick, Gods and Heroes, Castles, Mega Beasts, Architecture, Famous Houses, Tall Ships. Look closer and turns out they're all pop-up books.

I needed a place to put them all.

Cook books that nobody cares about, sourdough bread, for example. I have a thin Scottish cookbook that goes, "Salmon"
1) catch salmon
2) gut salmon
3) de-scale salmon
4) build fire
5) heat wire grill over fire
6) place salmon on grill

Egyptian art and Egyptian language. That's about it except for the gardening books and aquarium design books.

At Ace people show their home bookcases. Their titles are Wars, battles, famous generals, history, the study of war, the study of armaments, tanks, airplanes, guns, serious political analysis, serious biographies, The Fall of Rome, The Gulag Archipelago, The Cultural Revolution. Like they're all dreadfully serious people.

chickelit said...

George F. Will, the guy who “trumped” his first wife and family, would love to take Trump to task for cheating.

I always knew he was a pretentious twit.

chickelit said...

George Will makes me dislike baseball, if that’s possible. Baseball needs to disown George Will, or at least give him the finger.

edutcher said...

The Perrier Conservative.

Safe enough to be seen in the WaPo, Newsweek, and on ABC.

deborah said...

Yahoo! The Indians are leading the AL East with a 19-19 record!

Sorry not sorry, still love George Will :)

Trooper York said...

Great gifs Chip. You are the master.

deborah said...

He really really is. If we could get them out there, I'll bet we could get more commenters.

deborah said...

I loved the one with the twitter birds swirling around Trump.

virgil xenophon said...

Makes me embarrassed to think he's a fellow Prairie Stater..

Sixty Grit said...

He is 77. He is over the hill. He should shut up and retire.

MamaM said...

So busy looking at the books, I almost missed the moon!

MamaM said...

This is another one of those take apart posts, where I needed to go back to the start to unpack and understand. When I did, I saw the moon that I almost missed mentioned, and then followed the link back to understand these were real book titles being Chip selected from the shelf.

Including one on the Invisible Dick! Which helped me solve why the other puzzle of why deborah didn't playfully post a dick pic when she was into tagging and possessing TY's yesterday?

chickelit said...

Trump wills Will’s Trump while Will trumps Trump’s will.

deborah said...

Chick, have you been in the wood alcohol? If you were making up a drink called Will's Wilted Willie, what would it be in it?

deborah said...

I'll take your answer off the air :)

MamaM said...

Will's Wilted Willie,

HooWeeeeee! Would that be fun to serve and talk about, or what???

Would the counter part be Droopy Dry Vag?

Or going all D's, how about a Drooping Dry Deep Socket??

rcocean said...

What hilarious book titles. Now, someone needs to write them.

As for Will, he's always been a poseur. People forget he was sneering at Reagan before he won the Nomination in 1980. After which, he was jumped on the bandwagon.

I stopped reading his "As Edmund Burke once said..." columns or watching him on ABC in the late 1990s. But even I was amazed at his meltdown over Trump.

We get it George. The Peasants are revolting. Now go put on powdered wig and play with your Louis XIV dolls.