Sunday, May 13, 2018

Backpack Kid

At fifteen years of age Russell Horning was dancing in front of a mirror and thought, hey, that's kind of cool, so he uploaded a video to Instagram. Then another video. Then his videos were shared among low-follower accounts. Then Katie Perry shared his video and the videos exploded. Then Katie Perry invited him on SNL to be with her and he stole the show. His long spindly arms is what does it. He plays off his stretched scrawny frame.

He's hilarious. He actually cannot keep the straight face forever, but that is his trademark. And his backpack really is cool. 

What's impressive is how the black-American subculture adopted him and treat him respectfully as one of their own. There are thousands of YouTube videos. He's all over the place. NFL athletes do his dance to celebrate a touchdown. Then call him on the phone. He has conversations with stars. He's taught his dance to hundreds of people in interviews. It's all there on YouTube.

I found this hilarious.

Professional dancers are imitating him. Radio hosts are delighted to have him on. All of Atlanta is following him. Chinese children are imitating. Very young children upload their own videos imitating his moves.

He's got style, and it's intriguing. I've thoroughly enjoyed going through his videos and observing his style changes, his interaction with adults who reach out to accept him and how he holds himself in the presence of celebrities and his ease with handling pressure. 


Dickin'Bimbos@Home said...

the template is overwrought.

Sixty Grit said...

Seems retarded.

deborah said...

WTF NFL players are using that as a touchdown dance and calling him on the phone later? Maybe there is hope for race relations, but I think we can all see the frivolity inherent in the system.

April ftw