Friday, April 27, 2018

Kim Jung Un walks

The music is awful.

The costumes are weird. And so are the flags.

This ceremony has little to recommend it. The video is actually hard to watch.

It's a very big deal. I get it. Historic. 

And this would not be happening without Trump and his brutal no-class ways, his pressure, his communication, his manner and his proxies, and everyone knows it. Watch how American media twists their reporting in knots to avoid reporting that obvious fact because that would mean giving credit where it is due and they don't like the person responsible for this amazing development. And why would they when Trump is tearing them to shreds?  

Today the Treehouse ran two posts on Mike Pompeo, first going to North Korea and meeting with Kim Jung Un setting up this show meeting, and secondly being sworn in as Secretary of State. 

I made an animation for you using those photos, showing the plain shots of Pompeo shaking hands with Kim Jung Un, then Pompeo blurred in movement past Kim Jung Un and out of the frame, into a Pompeo pure movement frame, that changes to another Pompeo movement frame to set him up for the next frame, the plain shot of Pompeo being sworn in.  Then Pompeo blurred again in movement past the swearing in judge, out of the swearing in frame, then pure Pomeo blur movement that changes into another Pompeo blur movement that sets it up for the plain frame of shaking hands with Kim Jung Un, and cycling this way endlessly, because the sequence of events is reversed in real life. Logically Pompeo should have been sworn in first. But Trump is faster than everyone else. Don't you think? And right there is proof of speeding efficient urgent diplomacy occurring with tremendous efficiency and secrecy with actual real life blurring speed. It's dizzying. 

Then I threw it away because it looked like crap. It looked better in my mind than it did onscreen.

And it occurred to me, these obnoxiously stilted state receptions are not for us. Earlier, all those terrible blasting trumpets for Macron and his wife getting out of a car, twice, and being met diplomatically by the Trumps, the military all around doing their own little show just for touring the grounds and for walking a short distance along a carpet and into a building. That was not for Macron. That was to have something to contrast with other world leaders who won't be getting the full diplomatic reception. It's to make contrasts similar to China's full blown reception of Trump VS China's half-ass reception for Obama where they didn't even roll up the jet airliner stairs. He must use the plane's own stairs. How embarrassing. If it were possible for Obama to be embarrassed. 

I'm thinking that Trump will receive Merkel differently and that difference will stick. It means something. They're not intended to be pleasantly entertaining shows. They're obnoxiously stilted for very good reason.  

I think they could update the show. 

Those K-pop dancers blow my mind. Now that's entertainment.


edutcher said...

Diplomatic walks are for the 6 o'clock news.

deborah said...

Only watched first several minutes, but that was charming as hell.

Dickin'Bimbos@Home said...

Harpoon the mofo. Set his people free.

ricpic said...

"The ceremony has little to recommend it."

The ceremony is necessary. Stilted. But respect is shown. By each side for the other. Step one.

AllenS said...

What ricpic said. One step at a time, even if it is baby steps.

deborah said...


ampersand said...

Obese Wan Kenobe