Friday, April 27, 2018

Bill Cosby convicted

Oh dear.

Let's remember the good thing about him.

I lived overseas when this show aired so it was one of the things that I missed. I only saw one episode. It looks fun.

Today I read he was convicted by jury on all counts with punishment up to ten years for each count. He's in his eighties. He'll die in prison. He snapped at the prosecutor and called him an asshole.

These days, many Americans wonder if the law applies to the rich and powerful.  They read stories of powerful people lying under oath, multiple times, while holding positions of power inside government, and nothing happens. 
But in one case at least, someone who was perhaps the most beloved and trusted celebrity of his time was held accountable by the law. That means something, especially these days.
They keep running episodes of the Huxtables on regular t.v. and I get triggered each time I see it. I wonder if this conviction will cast a pall such that his pleasant television will no longer be aired. What a stunning descent to non personhood.  


edutcher said...

Crooked Lefty judge.

It's a wonder he didn't tell the mob to go out and hang the ni to the closest tree.

Cos had to be destroyed because he went around telling blacks they had to take responsibility for their lives.

deborah said...

Buck-buck number one!

XRay said...

It was a set-up. Wait and see what happens to Kanye West.