Monday, October 23, 2017

presidents unite for hurricane fundraiser

Then blow that goodwill propounding their globalist politics and chiding voters for rejecting their conceits while mischaracterizing voter's values. The voters have spoken and they know whereof they speak. What happened is no accident. The political pontificating that comes with this fresh and carefully plotted showing is rejected and the sentiment of dissatisfaction is returned with interest.

And don't allow Clinton anywhere near the money. Doesn't Bush II learn anything about joining Clinton in fundraising?

When I was young and presidents united like this I thought it was neat. I felt lucky to have them all still alive and offering their unique wisdom gained from high office.

And now I feel only extreme distaste.

The feeling matches the mixed bag of feeling that arises from viewing homes that our family lived in. It's hard to explain the peculiar discomfort. Especially when others don't feel it. The itchiness comes from evolving past that. It's a 'that was then and this is now' feeling mixed with sadness about being a different person back then and in knowing none of that can be recaptured even if we did want to. The trouble is in the past. The particular good that occurred there is in the past. And the security and the insecurity of the now, that was then, is also locked in the past.

A friend drove me past a house that I lived in and lingered there even though I said that I didn't care to see it. He was more interested in noting changes than I was or ever could be. Then again, last weekend my brother stopped by our previous family home in the foothills because we were near it and to show his wife and their kids and I felt great discomfort with the gawking and the discussion. It's a beautiful home but I did not like being there, even as Alona and the kids were fascinated. James went on and on about the place and I couldn't get out of there fast enough and so relieved when we finally left.

Also, I couldn't believe the new owners have a big ass touring motor van parked in the front even worse than the one that my dad had. Taller and longer and wider and more gas guzzling. I argued with him about having it in the front driveway.  I thought it must have made the neighbors angry having a huge white elephant just sitting there. A garish symbol of ostentatious opulence. And the new owners made the oversized driveway even wider right to the property line. My dad had already enlarged it ridiculously. Just to store their more massive white elephant. Money to burn so just burn it. It's truly an eyesore. And it changes the whole nature of the neighborhood. Seeing such a huge ghastly thing kept right in front of the house intensified my discomfort tremendously. No. You really cannot ever go home again. Good thing. Because I don't want to.

Same thing with these presidents.

We've evolved since then. Greatly changed. Their messages come pre-rejected. They have no idea how their entire view has been purposefully smashed and for very good reasons, and their expressions of what they think is desirable and them talking about not liking the voter's choices, their discomfort in how things are turning out, turning against their values, reminds everyone who insisted on those changes how wrenching it was to move on. And leave them behind. It's been a horrible divorce. To all you ex-presidents, you nagging ex-wives, take your alimony and shut up and leave us alone. And as far as your nearly dead presidents show, we paid more for your protection getting here and assembling than you raised for charity. So spare us your sermons. You're billing us to annoy us. While leaving the real work of rebuilding after hurricanes to street-level down to earth everyday and un-awarded Americans behaving as genuine Americans. True grit. You cannot even do a charity without also reminding us we made the right decisions.

And thinking about who these people beat for office makes everything even worse. Worst political class ever.


edutcher said...

Don't forget, Dubya said Willie was his brother from another mother (love to know what Barbara (and Miss Laura) thought about that).

Poor old 41 looks like he shoulda stood in bed.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

I know the disconnect you describe in looking at old homes you lived in. It must be just a taste of how disconcerting ghosts feel looking back on their lives (assuming that ever happens).

But I do it anyway. The one thing that is really interesting is seeing how much bigger some trees are over time. Especially small ones you planted and seeing them towering after the passage of a few decades.

ndspinelli said...

Superb analysis, Chip.

chickelit said...

My dad parked his modest Coachman camper/trailer on the grass next to the driveway.


chickelit said...

You cannot talk about political unity and presidents like that and leave out Trump, even if you're Lady Gaga. And you're right about the Clinton's and money, Chip. But even Althouse has signaled that she's bored with the Uranium story and would rather analyze sexploitation 24/7. Somehow, Hillary gets off the hook just because her libido is oriented towards money and not men.

BTW, here's Lady Gaga in her early days, covering Led Zeppelin.

chickelit said...

What would the MSM (and some blogs) do if Hillary weren't left alone to resurface for 2020? Rhhardin is right: it's an orchestrated effort to win clicks and eyeballs.

chickelit said...

But I do it anyway. The one thing that is really interesting is seeing how much bigger some trees are over time. Especially small ones you planted and seeing them towering after the passage of a few decades.

I did this too on my recent road trip to Colorado, revisiting some on the dumps where I lived in Fort Sprawlins.

Trooper York said...

This is the perfect example of the Duopoly at work. The Deep State is merely their action arm.

As a great American Patriot and far seeing visionary once said "There is not a dimes worth of difference between them."

ricpic said...

I'll bet internally they all feel pure as the driven snow. Such is human nature. I didn't say white as the driven snow I said pure as the driven snow so don't start in on me. :^/

Rabel said...

Each of our wise and wonderful former leaders can be associated with a particular edible:


MamaM said...

With After Term activities including:
Carpentry-Kitesurfing-Sky diving-Oil painting-Dickin' bimbos at home!