Thursday, October 26, 2017

Laura Bush's Diary

October 25, 2017

Oh boy just what we needed.

It seems some crappy actress wants to jump on the bandwagon and accused Poppy Bush of grabbing her ass when they had a photo opp to pump a crappy TV show about the American Revolution. Great. Now they are Wienstiening an old man just to get some publicity.

Look I underestand. Of course he grabbed her ass. That's what he does. That is all he can do. The  man is stroked out and his wife is a miserable harridan who has tortured his life for the last fifty years. It's not like Babs gives a shit. I mean she has been messing around with midget wrestlers for decades. She was the on who milked Sky Low Low so much that he died from it for crying out loud. So if Poppy wanted to grab onto a little strange now and again she didn't care. Babs would just grab a bag of pork rinds and go watch the WWE and plot Jeb's next run for President.

That is what is tripping us up. Low energy Jeb is such a loser that W had to go out and trash Trump after keeping his yap shut for eight years while that Kenyan raped the country. Babs has tortured W non stop since Jeb lost the nomination. She wanted him to campaign for Hillary to make sure that Trump didn't win. W refused but he just can't take it anymore. So he decided to trash his legacy and forfeit his dignity and went full retard. Of course he got a bunch of kudos from all the ass wipes who were part of our administration. Karl Rove and Ari Fleisher and Ric Wilson all got their little Anthony Weiners hard at the fact of W trashing Trump. I don't know what they though was going to happen. I mean all of those coal miners and oil workers and factory hands are not going to suddenly decide that they wanted more wetbacks and more globalism to make America safe for the Duopoly. W is just pissing in the wind. He managed to alienate a whole slew of people who used to think fondly of him. For what? For nothing.

Lets be honest here for once. You know that grabbing some bimbos ass is no big deal. Poppy was always handy. I mean he had his fingers inside Vicki Carr through the entire Ford Administration. He was just fluffing her for Jerry. Plus you know he likes to get peed on. That is where Hillary got the idea to put that bullshit golden shower stuff in the phony dossier they made up about Trump. The CIA has hours upon hours of Poppy getting his piss on. So grabbing some bitches bottom is not even on the freaking radar.

I really don't know what we are going to do. We have a meeting of the First Ladies club soon and we have to decide if we are going to clue Melania into the secret of the First Ladies Traveling Underpants. I am all for it. I like Melania. She reminds me of someone.  I can't decide if it is Ursula Andress or Mamie Van Doren. Anyhoo she has my vote.

I guess we have to do some damage control. Maybe I will invite J-Lo over so Poppy can grab her fat ass. She can pee on him too. Her sweet coconut Puerto Rican Pee is just what the doctor ordered. I know she will go for it. I mean anybody that would suck off A Rod has no self respect.

Hey it's a plan.


edutcher said...

Youngest carrier pilot in WWII. Flew in the Marianas and the Philippines. Shot down over Iwo. 4 hours in shark-infested waters before he was pulled out of the drink.

At 90 and in a wheelchair, he still has spit enough to want to give a girl a grab (and she hasn't got that much ass BTW).

He's earned it.

And, yeah, these babes are all #MeToo ing so they get their 15 seconds in front of a camera.

It also keeps the media from talking about Uranium One. Which could send the Ozark Mafia and at least half the Choom Gang to the Ultimate Sex Slave Island and Gay Bath.

ricpic said...

Babs' lookalike son Yeb will never be president which pisses Babs off no end. Totally ruthless that one.

The husband is another matter. Most revealing thing he ever said was "I don't understand the vision thing." Of course you don't, you were boardroom certified from birth.

ampersand said...

Maybe he was just reading her lips....with braille.

bagoh20 said...

Courage in enemy territory is a hard habit to break.

William said...

I've read a fair number of presidential biographies. A remarkable number of them never cheated on their wives. Some of them were probably virgins on their wedding nights. (Or maybe it was just easier to hide your tracks in former times.)......JFK, LBJ and Clinton were beyond normal parameters.. Maybe the elder Bush had an affair or two, but, if so, it was a disceeet, well bred thing.

bagoh20 said...

That has "skank" written all over it.

Oh, it says "TMZ"?

Same thing.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

bagoh20, Bill Clinton wouldn't hit that, except if he were at a Krispy Kreme at 3 am, or at a truck stop, or in an office with no glass in the door, ...

bagoh20 said...

Monica Lewinsky is the proof of how small of a man Clinton was, the stupidity, the lack of self control, the failure to accept responsibility, the lies , the counter attacks and all the rest,... and he was the last Dem. who I could say had at least some wisdom in him. Politics might be the only legitimate job that requires no character whatsoever for success.

bagoh20 said...

And he married Hillary. My god man, what is up with your judgement?

edutcher said...

bag, Willie was a fool.

If it weren't for Dick Morris telling what to do and the media running interference for him, he'd be doing life for murdering some 14 year old he tried to rape.

One of the best descriptions of him came out of a humorous State of the Union parody (she, of course, is the Beast).

If not for the ice water coursing through her veins, I'd be pumping gas into farm equipment in Hope, Arkansas, and she'd be married to the President.

Just like Elizabeth Edwards or Mike Ozero, Willie ended up where he was because of a woman who knew she could never make it in politics, so she found herself an empty suit.

ndspinelli said...

I think so far the MSM have gone lightly on the old man on this. Trump takes all the fire.