Sunday, July 9, 2017

Where civilian rule intersects military protocol

This video of Trump picking up the hat that had blown off a Marine standing at attention at his Marine helicopter was nicked from The Gateway pundit early this morning. Suggestion: Turn off the sound so your ears are not abused by the dopey news reader and her dopey opinion about her dopey industry's dopey non-issue. The voice ruins the whole thing.

At Gateway Pundit presidential styles are compared with another photo of a Marine holding an umbrella over Obama as Obama delivers his customary tautology. 

But the Trump video and his personal touch, the respect that he extends to his detail on assignment made me think of a different Obama video involving a Marine helicopter that became known as the latte salute. As onetime military brat I find this embarrassing. (Full disclosure, I didn't even know there is a term for us when I was living it.)

Provided again to relive this precious moment of intense embarrassment. He's cool, though. He avoided tossing coffee all over his shoulder. 

Turn sound back on. 

About Trump vs CNN and legacy media.

By now, you must have seen this Trump vs CNN parody on Ace. He titled it "brilliant."

Have you noticed the GIF's and the Photoshopped videos are improving with time? It's only taken a few days. The first ones that flooded 4chan /pol/ and kicked off this meme war in hours were all very quickly done and the results all rudimentary. While the new ones are more thoughtful and longer, more carefully assembled, some, like this one, use well-known video clips.

The thing that kills me is I can see the imps scouring Trump source pics for [trump goofy face] looking for the Trump aspects needed for the video and there is ample supply Trump has provided a wealth of goofy faces. It's just one of the reasons we love him so. And his presidency is only just started.

Trump makes faces nearly as goofy as Nigel Farage who is the reigning master of plastic political faces. Check it out: [nigel farage goofy face] The result page is a drop dead riot. What even provokes making such faces? It's irresistible.

But the playful Photoshoppers also need [trump side view] and [trump back view] to complete these more complex parodies. They must select the images, adjust their size and their tonality, white balance and value, and for videos they must adjust them frame for frame, hold them still for several frames, then edge them along where needed, and all that takes time.

There are a lot of Bugs Bunny videos that could be put to service for Trump vs CNN meme. One of my all-time favorites is the Hillbilly square dance where Bugs Bunny calls the moves for the hillbilly dancers and has them beating each other's brains out obeying his dance calls. A young woman from the Netherlands under my supervision at the time sang this Bugs Bunny square dance song drawn from her memory at work one day at the Federal Reserve Bank and had me laughing until my sides hurt. She applied her made up lyrics to the work at hand. The scene would work very well for Trump vs legacy media.

And to think that Trump does all this disruption through just a few short tweets. It's remarkable.


edutcher said...

Semper Fi.

The human being shows class, the ideologue has none.

rhhardin said...

The Marine can't move, Trump can.

john said...

He could'a saluted with his left hand. Would have saved him the potential embarrassment of dumping coffee on his head.

We also that's Trump's real hair.

bagoh20 said...

You know who will never be President? A man with a toupee. Imagine that after all the ones that wore wigs.

William said...

I think that was a class act on Trump's part, and a negligent act on Obama's. I don't think it was purposefully disrespectful on Obama's part, but the negligence speaks volumes. I don't know if Trump was playing for the cameras, but, even if he were, it would just demonstrate a wish on his part not to play the role but to fulfill the role.

edutcher said...

"I don't think it was purposefully disrespectful on Obama's part"

The guy who said, "Corpseman"?

Sixty Grit said...

57 states. Speaking Austrian.

That dog eater is an idiot.

Fr Martin Fox said...

If memory serves, it was President Reagan who made it customary for the president to salute.

Trooper York said...

CNN has it's own take on this video.

XRay said...

The President was being polite, in a sprit of camaraderie. Acknowledging that shit happens. He would have been within rights to have ignored it. A better man for not having done so.

The Ohole took everything for granted, including those who would have died to protect his "office", which, unfortunately, meant protecting his ass.