Sunday, July 9, 2017

"Swelling the Enemy’s Ranks: How to make enemies and alienate others"

Via Instapundit: On Thursday, the progressive left treated itself to an orgiastic display of self-destruction. In the name of opposing all that Donald Trump deigns to grace with his favor, American progressives found themselves attacking Bill Clinton’s brand of centrist politics, defending woefully misunderstood calls for “jihad,” and dismissing unqualified praise for the West as racially suspect.

Democrats lashed out at former Clinton Strategist Mark Penn on Thursday for recommending that the Democratic Party rediscover its respect for Christians and working-class Trump voters and embrace fiscal conservatism. The nearly unanimous response from the activist left was to dismiss this sage advice. “The administration that he served in locked up more black, African-American men than those enslaved in 1850,” said former Bernie Sanders campaign staffer Tezlyn Figar. Nostalgia for the 1990s may be politically potent, but it is also very un-woke.

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edutcher said...

First, Willie was never any centrist. That was the work of Dick Morris. Once they parted company, Willie showed his true colors again.

As for trying to bring the Demos back onto planet Earth, a lot of that stuff has been anathema since the New Deal and the rest since the hippie dippy movement.