Wednesday, May 10, 2017

WKRLEM: There goes Bronson.

RIP Michael Parks.

Before "Sons of Anarchy" there was Bronson.

In the tradition of road shows like Route 66. The kind of show we don't see anymore.


Chip Ahoy said...

Thanks for the tune, Bud. Downloaded the one by Eva Cassidy. Because I like her version, her tempo and her clear strong voice.

edutcher said...

Not a bad show, but it came a little too late, about 1970.

That sort of thing was popular about 10 years earlier.

ricpic said...

That bridge he drives across at the end of the clip is a scary as hell bridge over Bixby Canyon in Big Sur. Kerouac's Big Sur is partly about camping in that canyon. It's probably the most heartbreaking of his books because he's not only at the end of everything but he knows he's at the end of everything. Kerouac made a mess of his life but he was a genuine poet and a sweet person to boot which kind of redeems him.

Trooper York said...

This show was just about the final shout out to the Beat poets and the essence of the 1950's romance with the open road.

You don't get that anymore. It is dead.

ampersand said...

Route 66 was awful. Maudlin soap opera with all that actoring. The hour long Naked City episodes were the same. Thanks Sterling Silliphant.

Trooper York said...

Really? I kind of liked them. They were a hell of a lot better than crap like Chicago Fire or Chicago PD or any of the current hour long dramas that are on TV today.

Officer Pete Malloy was great on Route 66 and the dude from 12 O'Clock High was great in Naked City.

rcocean said...

Having some dude riding in his bike in the surf is cool - unless you're sitting/walking on the beach. Then its fucking annoying.

But yeah, the whole lets hit the road and see America died off in the 1970s.

I've seen some Route 66 shows, some are good, some are bad. The worst are the "Buzz finds racism and hidden secrets in a small town". I just saw a naked city episode with Eli Wallach as rogue cop. Damn it was good. Peter Falk gets shot in the opening credits.

ampersand said...

I don't care much for new tv either, but I've watched some of these shows on the various
retro stations. Route 66, I assume was inspired by Kerouac's On the Road, but it may has well be about a couple of old spinsters busybodying themselves into everyone's personal problems.
The hour long Naked city also seems to be written for all those guest star actors to over emote all over the place. The half hour shows were great however.
Combat was a great series. The half hour Gunsmoke episodes were terrific and to me seemed a more realistic look at the prairie west than the later shows.
Mike Hammer was entertaining, and has some great 1950s NYC location shots.
M Squad has some great Chicago location shots. They had to film guerilla style as Mayor Daley wouldn't give anyone a permit he felt would show the city in a bad light.

Sixty Grit said...

I read that he got shot in the tabloids.