Wednesday, May 10, 2017


"Oh Mr. Hoover it is so nice to meet you. You are one of my heroes."
"Sure girly. Don't touch me with your dirty teats. So young man are you interested in a career in Law Enforcement. I have handcuffs."
"Errrr....not really sir. It is not my cup of tea."
"I am over here Mr. Hoover. I am barely fitting in my swimsuit,   "
"Shut up you filthy whore. You are dirty like all of you animals that bleed and never die. So if you are not interested in Law Enforcement what does interest you."
"Well there is one thing I really like."
"What's that?"
"Gladiator Movies."
"I can work with that."


ricpic said...

Titus just fainted.

ndspinelli said...

The more I read the more certain I am the Mob had photos of that fucking creep Hoover, maybe w/ little boys.

Trooper York said...

Actually Frank Costello had a photo of Hoover and Clyde Tolsen in dresses.

Sixty Grit said...

It has often been said that you should dress for the job that you want.

William said...

For the record Hoover was surrounded at all times by a protective cordon of FBI agents. Some of these men cordially despised Hoover and would have liked to drop a dime on him, but none ever saw anything untoward occur. Hoover's homosexuality is plausible but unproven......Also Hoover, as in Hoover the institution, was created by FDR. FDR gave him the go ahead to collect dirt on his enemies.. The black bag jobs were originally conducted against the America Firsters and the Bund organizations. Back in those days Hoover had the respect and reverence of the media.

ampersand said...

Frank Costello had a photo of Hoover and Clyde Tolsen in dresses

I don't believe it. The photo rumors started way after Hoover died. People were scared of Hoover and could have got rid of him by making it public when he was alive.

Trooper York said...

It is pretty well documented. Roy Cohn supposedly had seen it.

I remember the Mob guys talking about it in the early 1960's.

rcocean said...

The rumor that Hoover was Gay was actually started by the KGB and its followers in the USA, same with the "Hoover wore a dress" meme.

Hoover could have just been one of those odd characters who don't care about sex, or maybe he was a closeted Homosexual. But if so, he was deep, deep, in the closet.

There were a lot of gays back in the New Deal Administration (Sumner Welles, Frank Murphy, Senator Walsh of Massachusetts come to mind & nobody cared as long as you kept it quiet.

Trooper York said...

I think it was pretty well established that he was gay. His life long "friendship" with Clyde.
His devotion to his overbearing mother. The testimony of many agents who dealt with him all lead to the conclusion that he was a sword swallower.

That was the reason he didn't go after the Mob for all those years. The main prosecutions only happened after he died. They threw him a bone like Lepke now and then but most of the time they skated because they had the goods on him.

Now he would be ESPN's man of the year and get the Nobel Peace Prize for taking it up the ass.

ampersand said...

Well it's pretty well documented as a rumor. But where's the photos. There was even a PBS doc on this but no photos. BTW Hoover and the FBI were pretty lax finding commie spies during the War as well. Los Alamos leaked like a sieve and there were multiple operations in addition to Rosenburg/Greenburg. Was Hoover made aware of what was going on or did FDR-Stalin have the goods on J. Edgar too?

Trooper York said...

It will come out eventually. These things always do.

The photo of Marlon Brando blowing Wally Cox came out after 50 years when Brando died. Maybe the guy who has it has to die.

William said...

There was some KGB agent who wrote a book after the war about his disinformation activities during the Cold War. Sorry, I don't remember the name. In the book he details how, as a joke, he put out a rumor that Cardinal Spellman attended a party where Hoover wore a tutu and danced. Th agent was bemused at how his joke was taken seriously and was given wide, underground circulation.......Hoover made a conscious decision not to investigate the Mafia. He did this not out of fear of blackmail but out of fear of corrupting the organization. The Mafia had a long and successful history of subverting police departments. Hoover was afraid that something similar would happen to his organization if they started going after mob chiefs. His fears, as later events demonstrated, were not unfounded........ At any rate, the Communists did not penetrate the FBI the way they did other organizations. So give him credit for that,

red 3215 said...

Um, does the name Hansen ring a bell?

ampersand said...

Quasimodo Hansen?

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

J Edgar was just ahead of his time. Today he would make the cover of Vanity Fair! Provided he was wearing a dress!