Monday, May 8, 2017

"Texas governor signs bill banning sanctuary cities"

Via Drudge: The bill, which Abbott could be seen signing on Facebook Live Sunday evening, establishes criminal and civil penalties for local government entities and law enforcement that don't comply with immigration laws and detention requests, the governor's office said.

The new measure would fine government entities up to $25,500 for each day the law is violated.
It would also result in a misdemeanor charge for sheriffs, police chiefs and constables who fail to comply with detention requests and in removal from office for elected and appointed officials, Abbott's office said.

"As Governor, my top priority is public safety, and this bill furthers that objective by keeping dangerous criminals off our streets," Abbott said in a press release. "It's inexcusable to release individuals from jail that have been charged with heinous crimes like sexual assault against minors, domestic violence and robbery."

The measure goes into effect on September 1, according to the governor's office.

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ndspinelli said...

Maybe this guy should be Prez in 2020.

edutcher said...


One small step for TX, one giant leap for US.

Chip Ahoy said...

I just now caught a portion of a latina comics enthusiast interviewing Stan Lee on Spanish television.

She asked him a vapid political question that ignores the universe of concerns about immigration policies of both nations to address the area of concern at the tip of her nose. Something like:

"How do comic book stories tear down barriers and build bridges?"

Aww bless. So lovely.

Isn't it wonderful being a child? Just beautiful. Would make any daddy proud.

Stan Lee handled this masterfully. He said that he, they, write stories about characters that portray people that readers want to emulate. The girl was happy with that answer.

Because I'd be compelled to answer in a way that makes a politically vapid situation worse. The mention of bridges (not walls) in the interview suggests an unwillingness of comprehension (or lack of exposure to opposite pov) so a response something like, "Yea, maybe we can write stories where America teaches Mexican people the various ways to enter America legally, while urging Mexican government to make it easier for Americans to come and go as we please through Mexico. Wouldn't that smooth and legal back and forth be great?"

bagoh20 said...

I thought the Constitution and precedent for the supremacy of federal law already banned sanctuary cities, but that stuff is so fuzzy, becuase feelings.

Leland said...

I would agree Bags, but some question who has the authority within the Constitution. Obama that he had it. The Judiciary doesn't think Trump has it. I think it is Congressional authority to set immigration laws for the President to enforce. But if it is not explicit within the US constitution, then the 10th Amendment makes it a state right. Thus, Texas is covering the bases.

Today in Texas; the legislature is taking up public pension reform with the intent to provide additional regulation to prevent municipalities from not properly funding or creating situations that will cause pensions to be unsustainable, such as making them fairly lucrative to short term employees under the guise of having to compete with the commercial market for talent.

ampersand said...

Not to worry. The libs will find a judge to declare it unconstitutional to uphold federal law, just like they found one to prevent the feds from implementing federal law.

ampersand said...

Hey Bags, how is your move coming along?