Monday, May 8, 2017


The sun was shining brightly and I could hardly wait to start upon work involving a new garden to curate. My eyes beheld the darkened clouds obscure the near foothills. I beckoned them to come along and wet my windowsills.

I smiled most cheerfully when the clouds marched overhead.

Then grinned with glee when thunder broke and lightning tendrils spread. 

Dark and fast and wet as that the clouds march west, within minutes the wind stops, pressure settles, electric activity ceases, temperature rises noticeably, light and dry air return. The new transplanted garden is shocked, "So this is how it's going to be?" They all took the whipping rather well. 

I love this. Something similar happens a lot though the Spring. I think the same pattern will happen again today. It's fun. It's also fun observing people respond to the storm. 

The ale brewing place downstairs just upped their game considerably. And that's fun too. They claimed a large area of patio in the back and sectioned it off solidly. Large enough for four big umbrellas and the concrete planters for trees. They hired a singer for inside and her group and this architectural change has attracted a large younger crowd that likes to make beer in quantity and have fun in the hours that the ale is brewing. The music fills courtyard space encompassing their own sectioned patio.The whole place was packed and having a great time yesterday, with kids wandering around, a family-friendly social gathering with beer and beer-making and delivered food and music, then the storm crashed though and all activity cleared. Everyone disappeared inside and went silent. Completely silent except for raw loud undisciplined nature. Then when the wind, rain, lightning and thunder all passed the outdoor party activity and live music resumed just as fast as it had previously ceased. Taken in stride and with no umbrage, the storm was part of their party.

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AllenS said...

We can always use rain.