Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Who among men hasn't fallen in love with a "Brandy" -- in real life or in silico? Who among women hasn't fallen for an itinerant seaman?

But here's the good part: The real life story of Brandy (You're A Fine Girl) as told by singer/songerwriter Elliot Lurie:

Highlights of the interview: 
  • Lurie looks much better without his girly locks and blouse. 
  • Brandy was named for a high school girlfriend named "Randy." 
  • Lurie is from Brooklyn, just like our beloved Trooper York; he talks about having to change his Brooklynese "r's" for the song. 
  • Lurie dispels the notion that he was inspired by the real life story of Mary Ellis, despite the remarkable coincidence.  
  • Barry Manilow did change the name of his song Brandy to Mandy. Manilow should have renamed it "Randy" -- NTTAWWT. 


ricpic said...

I fell in love with Judy Chambers when I was working in a factory in Iowa the summer I escaped from NY at 16. Then I came back to "real life" which has been, dare I say it, a letdown. Of course, if, in my adolescent infatuation I had impregnated Judy the results would have been disastrous...but interesting.

ricpic said...

I mean if I had stayed in Iowa and impregnated Judy. That was the key, to stay in the new life instead of slinking home to the less terrifying because familiar but also duller known world. Capiche?

Chip Ahoy said...

What a wonderful interview. That is nice. Thank you.

My favorite part is the end where the interviewer recalls him embarrassing the musician by insisting he sing at a restaurant and everyone in there sang along. I love that.

Chip Ahoy said...

O.T., I am totally blown away over here.

A few days ago I wrote an email to Joe, the oldest dude I know. He worries me. On account of his excessive activities. So I began my letter half feigning interest in a health report. I asked, "How are you. How is your body holding up? Surviving the abuse you give it? "

And that's all. The whole rest of the email was about Patagonia to Sonoita trail in the Coronado Forest. That was the bulk. Three long bulky paragraphs.

But then two days later I received a late night phone call in return addressing the first tongue-in-cheek opening.

I only asked because I know old people like to talk about their health. I expected him to scoff at that.

Instead he talked about having to undergo eight weeks of radiotherapy and chemotherapy for colon cancer. And this is a big f'n deal. And his age is quite advanced. He went on and on. I can tell he's distressed with the idea. He went into the details of what all that involves. He went on for quite some time.

Throughout, Joe told me this three times, he said, "You are the role model for facing this type of struggle and you always have been. When I think about how I can face this I think about you."

Holy shit!

Imagine that. So I'm all, "This is some serious shit. It's going to be massively discomforting." Because that's what we role model types do. We lay it all out. No sugar coating. No downplaying. No pussyfooting around. This is going to be shit.

Let me know when it's all over. See ya, Buddy. Ta.


I've never been a role model before. And certainly to someone decades my senior. It is a bit weird having old people ask my opinions. Kind of like when dad started actually listening to me. I thought back then when it was happening, holy shit, this guy is actually listening. That's new.

AllenS said...

That was a good interview. Very seldom do I ever hear a story about how the song came about. I listen to two oldies radio stations and that song, Brandy, is always a pleasure to hear again.