Wednesday, April 5, 2017

ESPN Doubles Down On Left Wing Politics

Via Drudge:  On Monday night, just minutes after the tip of the NCAA basketball title game, the People's Republic of MSESPN tried to sneak in a new policy on politics. It was textbook MSESPN, claim objectivity while actually allowing its talent in the opinion business to double down on left wing politics. You can read the new policy here. And, of course, the new policy was released under the cover of night while the vast majority of sports fans were just settling down to watch North Carolina and Gonzaga.

The next day MSESPN did what MSESPN does -- it replaced a prominent conservative voice, Sage Steele, with a prominent liberal voice, Michelle Beadle. You'll recall that Beadle has spent much of the past several months on Twitter denigrating Donald Trump and those who voted for him. If Beadle had Tweeted the same things about Barack Obama and his voters, she'd be fired. But say it about Trump and his voters -- millions of whom watch ESPN every day -- and at MSESPN this is cause for promotion.

After the news went public of her removal from NBA coverage Steele trended on Twitter, being ripped by a mostly black audience for the audacity she has to not be a left wing liberal in sports....

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ndspinelli said...

I follow Jason Whitlock on Twitter. He was run out of ESPN for not being PC. He is tough on thugs and has just plain common sense that many black people have but are intimidated from expressing. Whitlock also has a show on FS1, Speak For Yourself. I try and watch it when I can. He is a no bullshit, straight shooter and he busts on ESPN every chance he gets.

Leland said...

On the other hand, Outkick the Coverage has become a regular read for me.

ndspinelli said...

I grew up in Bristol. I have family and friends who live in Bristol and work for ESPN. They are laying people off and the PC culture is killing it. But, they are doubling down on failure.

chickelit said...

This seems stupid. Republicans watch sports too. They will look elsewhere.

I loathe basketball -- both pro and college -- so I don't have a fight in the dog.

Trooper York said...

The thing is most of sports is driving away the white working class that is their fan base.

Not many Muslims, feminists and black lives matters criminals will buy season tickets.

Good luck with that MSESPN!

chickelit said...

The thing is most of sports is driving away the white working class that is their fan base.

"Who gonna be paying our salaries?"

edutcher said...

2 channels inflicted on us just about everywhere are MSESPN and Commie News Net.

If anything will kill a meal, it's them.

Trooper York said...

Who is going to pay child support?

Who is going to pay for the drugs?

Who is going to pay for banging the Kardashian whores?