Sunday, March 12, 2017

child interrupts weather report, predicts lots of farts and toots out there

The uploader titled the video "funniest kid farts on weatherman but that was a hook for clicks, the kid  is not particularly funny and there isn't that much showing the boy apparently farting. I guess his body movements toward the weatherman @ .30 sec mark look like the boy is aiming farts on the weatherman. I don't know.

I saw the boy and thought, "Bless. Adorable." And I didn't think anything like what other commenters wrote to this video where I first saw it on a British site and on American YouTube. Several comments struck me as disturbing, stereotypical and just plain mean.

A few commenters remarked on the boy's race. How odd! That never even occurred to me. Several guess his age at nine and I think that is wrong. A few others remarked the boy must be autistic. Others said ADHD. We see the behavior of an ordinary boy behaving ordinarily and his 30 seconds of observed ordinary amusing behavior is automatically diagnosed medically in a way that has boys medicated for large chunks of their childhood.

Others said the boy should be punished. For being a boy.

The weather guy is thinking about his audience in one moment and the next moment his concerns become immediately jumbled and complicated; his audience, his station, his boss, his peers, the coworker with the boy, and the boy, unpredictability, all at once jamming his usual banal weather presentation. He handled all that very well.


AprilApple said...

It's raining gassers! quick - tax someone.

ricpic said...

Bring your son to work day gone wrong.

Rabel said...

Anonymity combined with the disconnect from real life of watching something in 2D on a monitor certainly brings out the worst in some people.

Not me, of course.

Leland said...

Someone broke wind?

bagoh20 said...

The kid's prediction was spot on in my area.