Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Charley and Meyer and Owney

Joe the Boss was sitting at a table in front of the social club on Mulberry St. He was sipping on an espresso and nibbling at a plate of miniature pastries. Of course for Joe nibbling meant stuffing half a cannoli in his mug and swallowing it whole. Powdered sugar was all over his vest and the debris of his simple repast were strewn across the table.

He looked up and saw Giuseppe Morello limping down the block toward. The Clutching Hand was dragging his leg and holding his deformed arm close to his chest. Which was not unusual. Everything that Giuseppe did was held close to his chest. That was what made him so valuable. That was what made him so dangerous. That was why he was still alive after he had whacked Umberto Valenti and took on the mantle of Boss of All Bosses.

“Buon pomeriggio Don Giuseppe I wonder if I could speak to you for a moment” asked the elderly Mafiosi as he stood with his hat in hand. You knew how much this ate at his soul. You just couldn’t see it reflected in his demeanor. It was an impressive performance. “I have a few things we should speak about.”

“Of course Don Giuseppe of course” said the fat Boss as he waved a half-eaten cannoli around like a symphony conductor waved his wand. “Sit. I will call for some coffee.  Perhaps a pastry?”

“Coffee would be fine” said as he sat down at the table. “We have a problem my Don. The younger generation is just too involved with the Irish and the Jews. Word has come to me that greasy fanook Costello doesn’t just want to take a name like the Irishe! He is in business with some of them up in Boston transporting imported whiskey direct from England. He is laying it off with Madden on the West Side. You know we can’t get mixed up with the Irish. They are too close to the police. When they get caught as we know they will they will offer us up as a gift to save themselves. It is a sure thing. We can’t let that happen.”

“This is the first I am hearing of this. I did not get my taste. Are you certain this is going on?”“It hasn’t happened yet. They are still in the planning stages. You should have heard about it. From that whore monger Luciano if no one else. Costello is his stooge. You know he is behind it. I have told you that Charley is a danger to you. It is only a matter of time until he turns on you.”

“I know you keep saying that my friend. But he is useful to me. Especially with the babania. Not everyone will get dirty with that. Charley has no problem being dirty. So he is a tool. When he is no longer useful I will throw him away. Just not yet.”

“I think this is a mistake Don Giuseppe. You need to move before you need to move. If you wait too long you will be facing all of the youngster arrayed against us. All of them. Luciano. Costello. Anastasia. Scalise. All of them. They are all very simpatico. Right now they don’t feel strong enough. But soon. Soon they will feel their oats and be ready to take over. I have been through this before. With you.”

“I know. You made the wise choice. I also made the right choice. You advice has been very helpful to me. Now tell me. What do you hear about this strunz in Brooklyn Marranzano?”“He is another one we have to step on. A snake. He came over as a man of respect because Mussolini chased him out of Sicily. He has some money and was sent to set up so a bunch of his paisans from Castellammare del Golfo. Now they have built up a nice little group. He has some capable people around him. Especially young Giuseppe Bonanno. He is the key. I think if we eliminate him we really put a crimp in his plans. You need to step on this snake.”

“I think you are right. So I think we can get two stones out of our shoes at the same time. I have told Charley Lucky to get rid of Marranzano and Bonanno. Let them fight it out and we will eliminate the winner.”

“It is not a bad plan. But what do we do if they decide to become as one. That is the danger.”

“You worry too much my friend. They will not work together. I will give it time to work itself out. So let’s go for dinner.”

Don Giuesppe Morrello shook his head. He knew what had to be done. He would just have to convince Joe the Boss before something happened that could not be changed. He looked up at the bodyguard leaning against the wall. It was the hard faced Vito Genovese. He was one of the younger generation like Luciano or Costello. The word was that he did not care for Charley. So it was unlikely that he would spread any tales. If he had heard anything at all. Still it would be smart to take some precautions.

He had done so all his life.

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Methadras said...

Trump is pimping the new ACA Lite and it irks me. I know he's doing it to get a win, but he's way to trusting of Ryan to let him drive this through. Now there will be nothing but infighting amongst the pussies in leadership while Pelosi and that piece of shit Schumer salivate at the opportunity for a fractured party that is in the majority. Might as well throw in the GOP as becoming cannibals themselves. Fucking Urkle sitting back and saying, "did I do that?"