Sunday, January 1, 2017

Thursday Boots

I really like these boots from Thursday Boots. I like their whole line. I like every color and I like every type leather, and every style and I especially like their prices.

This is the style that I chose.

But I like them in this color too.

I love them so. But they're too tight on the instep. Everything fits except that. Way too tight. It hurts. And I don't want to return them, and I don't want a larger size. I want these to fit. Feeling inside with my fingertips I can feel a seam sewn in the leather right at the bottom lace on the inside and that's where it pinches. The seam does not run all the way across, just a the top. I don't know if a seam can stretch as well as flat leather can stretch but the seam does not run all the way across. 

See the seam underneath the bottom lace? I swabbed the entire area, sides and all and shoved two baseballs into the area. 

I had no idea that my foot is no wider than a baseball that seems rather small in my hand. The baseballs are shoved in tightly too. It's going to take a few strong whacks to knock them out of there. 

This is going to work.  I can tell by the bulge that shows in the photo. 

And that makes it possible to get more pairs. 

You'd think by looking that softballs would fit, but no, it's the baseballs that work. 


Christy said...

Good luck. I've also heard that Ziploc bags of water frozen in the shoes also works.

AllenS said...

My boots kinda look like those, but I've got steel toes in mine.

ndspinelli said...

Chip, I bought the same shoe a few weeks ago.

ndspinelli said...

Allen, My old man was a jet engine mechanic in a large Pratt& Whitney plant. He always bought steel toe shoes. Even when he became a foreman and had to wear a tie, he bought steel toe wingtips.

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

I have never had a bunion and I do not want to ever have a bunion.

Dad Bones said...

I always thought I could break in any boots but after 15+ yrs of looking at them in my closet I finally gave up on my Georgia lace up cowboy boots and gave them to Goodwill last month. My eyes liked 'em but my feet sure didn't.

AllenS said...

They were mandatory where I worked, Nick, but I've always had them because of the dangerous stuff that I do.

deborah said...


chickelit said...

Would Marco Rubio wear them?

The freezing ice method is clever but unlikely to be a site-specific as Chip's method.