Saturday, December 10, 2016

WKRLEM: Tea for the Tillerman.......and Rudi gets ugotz!

It seems that Rudi Giuliani has been aced out of the Trump Administration and took a face saving out by saying he doesn't want to be in the cabinet. Or in fact he doesn't want it enough to take a portfolio for something he doesn't want to do. He wanted the Secretary of State slot and nothing else. Attorney General was already taken and he didn't want Homeland Security. So he took a Pasadena on the whole mishegoss.

You see President Trump loves to troll people. He loves that more than anything. So he had Mitt Romney come to his house everyday with his shine box pretending that he had a chance to get Secretary of State. It was pretty funny. First he gets that Rhino Huntsman in to interview which is rich because he is Mitt's mortal enemy in the world of secret Underoos. Then turns around and gives the job to the head of Exxon named Tillerman or Tillerson on some shit like that there. This is a double secret trolling because this dude is Putin's butt buddy from back in the day. So he is going to announce it just when some unnamed pussies in the CIA peddle the malarkey that the Russki's hacked the DNC to help Trump win. Just the rumor that he giving Tea to the Tillerman has the monkeys at MSNBC losing their shit. Or at least flinging it at everyone. That's Trumps signature move by the way. Pick an inside man who has it wired. That is why Iowa's governor is the new ambassador to China. The Governor is best butt buddies with the head Chinamen so they can talk turkey and get stuff done.

When asked about the CIA report Trump just said "these are the mooks who told us about WMD in Iraq and got thousands of our guys killed. Why should I listen to them." Trump delegates. He is delegating dealing with the CIA to Pence because he has no patience for their nonsense. It is nonsense. He put tough guys like Mad Dog in there who will tell him the truth.  You know who used to do that? Ike. Trump is going to be a lot like Ike. That's why he is filling out the cabinet with generals. He is going to delegate. Get the information. Make decisions. And if it doesn't work fire those guys and get someone else in who can get her done.

It is a shame that loyalists who fought the fight with him  are getting passed over. Rudi deserved to be Secretary of State. Newt should get a big job. Even Fatso should get something commensurate with his ability. Food taster or something like that there. Trump don't play that. He picks the best guy for the job. Or the best guy at the time. Remember he had three campaign managers. The Tillerman has to produce or he gets fired and replaced. Maybe by Gary Busey or Amarosa  So the onus is on his anus to get shit done.

Still I feel bad for Rudi. Put your faith not into Princesses buddy. Just sayn'

Hey is Billy Bush really going to be Press Secretary and are they going to grab pussies together?


edutcher said...

Agree on Rudy, but, as I say, his age and health make you wonder.

In other news, looks like Heitkamp will get Ag. If so, the new Senator from ND will owe his seat to guess who. If Manchin gets Energy, that's 2.

37 dimensional virtual stealth ninja chess.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Billy would be bitchin

windbag said...

I'm beginning to think that Trump's Presidency is going to turn into Green Acres. Smokin' hot wife who'd rather be in NYC than on the farm. Rich dude in a tux out in a barn shoveling hay and shit, while being forced to deal with ignoramuses that surround him. Total fish out of water scenario. I'm just trying to figure out who's playing Arnold Ziffel.

rcocean said...

Lets be honest Rudi or Romney for Secretary of State? Why?

I mean its nice that Rudi supported Trump but its not like his support really made much of a difference. Didn't Trump lose NYC by a Million votes? Same thing with NJ Fats. Did he deliver NJ? Of course not.

And Gingrich is no different. Yeah, its nice that a political motor mouth has-been went on obscure Talk shows and defended Trump - but how many votes did he deliver? The fact is that Trump did the whole thing by himself.

He appointed Gentle Ben to HHS because its a nothing job and he needs a black man in the Cabinet. He appointed Chao to Transportation because he needed women in the Cabinet, she's Mrs. Senate Majority leader, and she makes a great egg foo young. For everything that matters he's going for talented peeps who can get the job done.

rcocean said...

The only appointment that bugs me is the open borders, fast-food cook he appointed to the Labor Department. That's a bad sign.

And he needs to keep a lid on Ryan and his RINO freaks in the House. No one elected Trump to cut social security or fool around with Medicare. He'd better not repeat Bush-II's mistake. Bush minor got re-elected in 2004 because of social issues, judges, and the WOT. Bush-II then turned around and tried to push through Amnesty, cutting Social Security, and handing out sub-prime mortgages to people who couldn't pay for them. Which nobody wanted or voted for.

edutcher said...

Trump is hiring people for the position. He isn't hiring people for their overall philosophy, just what they have for that post.

Puzder has fought unionism , that's why he's where he is.

He's also good with small biz.

Method to the madness.

edutcher said...

rcocean said...

He appointed Chao to Transportation because he needed women in the Cabinet

He's got more women in the Cabinet that Willie had in the Oval Offi. He doesn't need her for that.

As for Carson, HUD is another conduit for funneling money to the big city machines. Carson will shut that down.

Frankly, I think he wants to eliminate both departments and these are short-term picks.


deborah said...

Fuck me, rc, don't hold back say what you really mean.

Nice back-tracking on Giuliani, Trooper.

These days, I sometimes think the best we can hope for is benevolent authoritarian capitalism.

chickelit said...

Puzder has fought unionism , that's why he's where he is.

Open borders guys fight unionism too. Trump is revealing his hand. I don't care for his SoS pick either.

edutcher said...

Yeah, but the Labor Department doesn't have much to do with foreign policy.

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

Tea without sugar is just vegetable soup.

chickelit said...

edutcher said...
Yeah, but the Labor Department doesn't have much to do with foreign policy.

De facto labor policy -- allowing & or promoting the hiring of H1-B and foreign labor is the magnet behind the what becomes a border problem. So the two departments are in fact related.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

I'm not so sure about the SoS pick. On the fence.

On one side of the fence is the broohaha that having an "OIL MAN" in that position will cause. The distraction and hysteria in the press. OMG OIL!!!! OMG 'teh' Global Waaaaarming!!! Waaaaah! The left will be spitting blood out of every orifice possible, more than Me-again Kelly. On the other hand that will be pretty entertaining. This is a positive for me!

On this hand: Tillerman has a lot of experience making BIG deals with foreign countries on behalf of Exxon. You can't be a dope, a patsy or a clueless loudmouth to do what he has done. Profitable deals that benefit his side and must be good for the other side too or they wouldn't make the deal. Making deals is Trumps deal. On that hand: we don't want someone who will be putting his former business interests first. I'm hopeful that when making deals for the US instead of his business he will do what he always has done. Make deals for the United States that are profitable. It isn't like he needs this job to survive.

I really really approve of Bolton as under secretary because we are going to need someone to ride herd over the entrenched lifetime civil servant asshole Lois Lerner types in the State Dept. Those people have been place there by Obama and are stuck like ugly bollards in the middle of the road and meant to be obstacles to Trump. Disloyal, devious, traitorous, petty, nasty, sneaky bureaucrats. Bolton knows how to deal with these guys. Knows where the snakes live and where the pitfalls are. He can be navigating through the swamp while Tillerman is making the deals. Smart move on Trump's part.

While I admire Rudy Guiliani, I just don't see him as being Secretary of State and dealing not only with the snakes in the pit back at home but being able to understand the nuances of dealing with foreign nations and foreign cultures. China, Russia, India, Korea and even those really weird Australians. Tillerman has a records of doing this. I believe Rudy would be over his head.

Rudy would be a nice figure head and definitely deserves something for his loyalty.....I want things that WORK.

ricpic said...

TRUMP! He's perfect!!.......yeah, and pigs can fly.

edutcher said...

oopsy, keep in mind Bolton will be Tillerson's Deputy. Trump wants a manager in there to run things. The wonk will do the daily stuff.

ric likes being the skeptic.

chickelit said...

Yeah, but the Labor Department doesn't have much to do with foreign policy.

De facto labor policy -- allowing & or promoting the hiring of H1-B and foreign labor is the magnet behind the what becomes a border problem. So the two departments are in fact related.

That stuff is State Department, not Labor.

Any of these guys starts saying or doing what Trump doesn't want, "You're fired".

I guess some people like being depressed.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

I see Rand freaking over Bolton. Is Bolton still pro Iraq war and regime change? What I like about Bolton is not his neocon tendencies but his antipathy to the State Department eunuchs.

edutcher said...

Any number of people have been saying, not only of Bolton, but people like Tillerson and Puzder also, "If they make the Lefties that crazy, they've got to be doing something right".

edutcher said...

PS On that note, consider this:

Looks like the NeverTrumpers are lining up against Tillerson because of his "ties" with Russia.

IOW doing the Demos' dirty work.

Trooper York said...

I think that is a good thing ed. Let McCain and Lady Graham start with trying to block the Secretary of State nominee of their party. This only illustrates what I have been saying all along. Your real problems are not with your honest opponents like Chuck Schumer and Bernie Sanders. They are against you and will fight you all the way. You just have to beat them the way you beat Hillary in the election. Your real problem is with the people who pretend to be on your side. The #nevertrumpers who will stab you in the back at the first opportunity. Your problem isn't Barzini it is Tessio who will sell you out for a hit. So you need to expose them...then isolate them....then destroy them. I have to give that shit Paul Ryan some credit as much as it pains me. He gets it. He is going along with Trump and will do as he is told. Maybe it because he has already been broken to the bit by his donors/masters and is just realizing that he has a new master. McCain and Lady Graham need to be smashed and marginalized now before they become a big problem. You need to make an example out of them. You know a real example. Like we used to do.

Like Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Trooper York said...

I don't know what you are referring to Little Debbie. How did I backtrack on Rudi? I wanted him to be Secretary of State. I am very disappointed that he wasn't rewarded for his stellar work in the election. He earned a big job fair and square. When the Access Pussy Grab tape came out he was just about the only one who went on TV to defend Trump. I think Trump is making a mistake not putting his loyalists in big jobs.

But that's Trumps modus operandi. He picks the best guy for the job and gives him some space. But he demands results. So if it goes south he makes a move. That is why he had three campaign managers. So whoever is Secretary of State might only last a year or two if he screws the pooch.

Still Rudi and Newt got screwed. He has to make it up to them.

edutcher said...

I'm wondering if Tillerson is the opening bid in a "You come down a little, I come up a little".

Trooper York said...

Your real problem is with the people who pretend to be on your side.


Trooper York said...

I think Tillerson might be just that Ed. He can smoke out the McCains and the Grahams and the Little Marcos who want to make a statement on opposing the preferred candidate of their President. Or are they wearing "He's not my President" buttons.

Do the Democrats ever do this shit? Ever? Have they ever voted against a nominee of their President? Ever?

I don't think so.

edutcher said...

Party discipline in the Democrats means like the Roman Army.

Deserters are crucified.

Sixty Grit said...

Rudi and Newt need to spend more time with their families. Or someone else's, given their propensities and respective histories.

Trooper York said...

Hey if you are going to be the party of old white guys you should have some old white guys in charge. Just sayn;'

deborah said...

My bad< Trooper, you are okay with Tillerson, for practicality's sake and getting the job done, but think Rudi is getting screwed over. I take it back though, I was hasty in saying that.

It odd to put someone up as SecState that seems a no-name. But what do I know, I thought Rudi was spelled with a 'y'.

Ed, could be right, this is Trump keeping everyone on their toes.

edutcher said...

Try this on for size:

Tillerson is everything that drives the Left nuts - Conservative, Christian, fossil fuel champion, capitalist.

The NeverTrumpers jump in on the Demo side.

What if Trump is trying to foment a schism - separate the sheep from the goats and make the NeverTrumpers actively declare for the Demos, thus driving out of the camp?

Too weird, or more of that 37 dimensional stealth virtual ninja chess?

PS The CEO of Exxon may be an unknown, but a nobody?

deborah said...

Agree, they would have different motives.

I said a no-name, which was a wrong word choice, but I did mean unknown, not a nobody.