Saturday, December 10, 2016

Patti Smith stumbles then delivers at Bob Dylan-less Nobel ceremony

Singer-songwriter Patti Smith needed two attempts to get through Bob Dylan's 1963 classic A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall at the Nobel Prize ceremony in Stockholm Sweden on Saturday.

Smith faltered when she forgot the words in the second verse of one of Dylan's most famous songs filled with complicated lyrics. Smith composed herself and asked the orchestra to start over.

"I apologize. I'm sorry, Could we start that? I'm so nervous," Smith said quietly, as the audience in Stockholm's Concert Hall clapped in support.

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edutcher said...

He shoulda sent his biggest fan.

Sixty Grit said...

Hell, she is unemployed now...

ricpic said...

Learn the lines? That's for the little people.

chickelit said...

She's flubbed lines before. Watch this viddy at the 50 sec mark: link

Did I tell you that I saw her last concert with her original band before she retired to raise a family? The show was in Florence, Italy -- September, 1979. The show was chaotic: She was actually held hostage on stage after she showed some patriotism by raising a huge American flag behind the stage. More here.

And yet, there is something very magnetic about her -- at least for me.

ndspinelli said...

Gilda Radner did a great parody of Smith. Almost as good as the Belushi/Cocker bit.

chickelit said...

JOHN: And you should feel really good about that, Patti. And the other thing: How did you like Gilda Radner's impersonation of you on "Saturday Night Live"? We've always really enjoyed that.

Ms. SMITH: Well, my band thought it was hilarious. When I was younger, I - it sort of bothered me because, you know, she makes a big thing about, you know, I think it's like the white powder and the vast amounts of cocaine in the recording studio. I had never even had cocaine. It wasn't how - it's not how I work. But I thought it was actually hilarious besides that. She was a great artist.

It was - actually, it was a privilege to be played - it was a privilege to have Gilda Radner project what she thought I might be like. And the funniest part was since there was a big controversy over the armpit hair on the cover of "Easter," she brushed the hair under her arms, and I think she had like a foot of hair coming from her armpit, and we were all laughing so hard.

She was a great artist, and cocaine or not, I salute her. And I feel very lucky to have been, you know, portrayed by Gilda.

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

Why do some people get pleasure from other people's pain?

chickelit said...

Why do some people get pleasure from other people's pain?

Why does S&M even exist?