Sunday, November 13, 2016


Websites say there are different types, soft and hard, light and dark, even fluffy like Mars bars and molotof, Portuguese cakes. They claim different origins, Ancient Greece, Muslim countries and other exotic origins. They claim various  etymologies too stemming from foreign words meaning “toasted” and another from “nuts.”

So they must have toasted nuts, pistachios and almonds top of the list, but also hazelnuts once the candy took hold in Europe and macadamia nuts once the recipe reached the Pacific islands. Some old and foreign recipes call for dried fruits, figs, and dates. So pretty much anything goes. Heck do whatever you want. Add rum if you like.

Chef John again.

All those suggestions and nobody recommended pecans or peanuts. Although I noticed a recipe that had a peanut butter flavored layer.

My favorite candy in the third grade was Bonomo’s Turkish taffy. Because it lasted the longest of all of them. More minutes of candy enjoyment for my candy dime. Turns out it is neither Turkish nor taffy. It’s nougat, beaten egg white cooked with sugar syrup that is caramelized and then baked. Those came in vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and banana flavors. 

Then we moved overseas and my world of candy was doubled. I could still get my favorites on base while also exploring the outer alien world of candy. They were big on adorably cute containers and candy dispensers, and confections made from beans. WTH? 

We discovered some Japanese candy wrapped with the usual plastic wrapper with twisted ends then doubly wrapped with another layer of thin translucent white dusty paper stuck to the candy that dissolves in your mouth and we were all, “Oh man, this is brilliant! Ew, these clever Japanese think of everything.” What a great touch.

The rice paper is not the same rice paper that is used for calligraphy and for crafts, and it is not the rice paper that is used for spring roll wrappers. Those are different. They're thicker. This is thin and it dissolves instantly in your mouth, like a corn starch coating. Except paper.  

This stuff here on Amazon, turn off your ad block and use Lem's magical portal, is  8” x 11,”  $18.00 for 100 sheets, so 18¢ each, or ¢32 to coat the top and bottom of your pan. But then what will you do with the remaining 98 sheets? I don’t know. Make 49 more batches I suppose. You’ll think of something. Come on. 

Oh wow. They have a 15% off coupon. I already ordered mine. Just click the box and the coupon applies. What a great idea to do this with someone else to share the toil of stirring so long and share the joy of torrone. This is going to be fun.

I just learned from Halloween that one of my nephews is allergic to nuts. What a bummer! His torrone will have to contain other things. 


Eric the Fruit Bat said...

Nifty stuff. I had an aunt and uncle who were into food, this was back in the 70s, and they had some of that candy. From Italy? Ferrerras? Can't remember but each piece was individually wrapped in some sort of ultra-thin, crackly paper. You were allowed one.

It all seemed very sophisticated to me, my idea of unobtainable luxury at the time being Apple Jacks for breakfast.

Chip Ahoy said...

How nice.

And how stingy. At my house you can have as many as you like. Stuff your cheeks and fill you pockets if you want.

Lem said...

Oh this stuff is delicious. In Puertoricans call it turron I think.

Synova said...

My husband's boss gave everyone a fancy box of individually boxed (super cute tiny boxes) of this stuff. Imported from Italy or something. I thought they were great. About the third one I ate I realized that the paper wasn't *supposed* to come off when you ate them. I'll tell you, too... that waffer paper is really hard to get off the candy.

Lem said...

I just heard Leon Russell has passed away.

That makes two, who is going to be num 3?

Trooper York said...


ampersand said...
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ampersand said...

Bonomos Turkish Taffy is back. A bit expensive though. At my age I would be afraid that it would pull my teeth out.