Sunday, November 13, 2016

Here's uh something to uh try your uh patience and uh for uh you uh to uh be uh annoyed uh by

I'm curious how you feel in terms of how assured you are aboot um current trade deals that already exist.

Ha ha ha, she kills me. In comments Canadian listeners insist she says no such thing, but my ears know what they hear. 

A commenter at YouTube said that comedian Russel Peters, who the commenter said does the Apu voice on the Simpsons, but is actually Hank Azaria, I think, said that when he, Peters, goes to India that the Indians he meets there contend they do not sound like that. And the Canadians in the comments insist they do not say aboot. Never. Nowhere. Not ever. It's a myth. They insist.

I went to YouTube and tried to click on something they offered that looked good, but I wa wa wa was de de de de delivered  Ri Ri Ri Ri Ri Rick Wi Wi Wi Wi Wi Wilson instead.

Most annoying. To the tune of Sabre Dance by Aram Khachaturian. Turns out to be put up on the channel of Milo Yi Yi Yi Yi ann ann ann ann op op op op op opo u u u u u u ulos. Man, talk about shooting the wounded. Dancing on graves. Having a wee on headstones. He's not going to stop.

I urge you to click over and read comments. They're enlightening, and so very fun. They're all seriously dopey and tremendously good natured. They seem to be mostly 4-Chan types. It's not the hate filled condemnation we've come to expect. They are a different type of people.

They latch onto to Rick Wilson's remark about the frog meme Pepe, a 4-Chan creation, and his denigrating remark at the end about childless single men who masturbate to anime. And they seem a bit too young to distinguish between Porky Pig and Elmer Fudd, who have two distinctly different cartoon speech impediments. It's the pig who does the Loony Tunes outro, biduh biduh biduh thuh thuh thuh that's all folks, not Elmer Fudd.

A commenter there: As Tweety Bird said, "Grab em by the Puddy!"

I burst laughing at that.

Another: West and wewaxation at wast!

Come on! That's hilarious! A line by Elmer Fudd. You can actually see him in the cartoon.

Then, after many Porky Pig comments, and Pepe comments, way down after clicking more, more, more, and opening up all the closed strings. A guy with an iguana face avatar says:

"Frog meme idiot, single childless man who masturbates to anime... it's like he knows who I am!"

And that had me disabled with laughter. It's just such a fun run of comments, better than the video actually, because it shows what a bunch of absolute nuts Milo's followers are. Lovely, amusing, unaffected oddly level-headed even-keeled nuts.

I learned something yesterday. I've seen this a couple of times, and that last comment fits the definition of the new term, "8 Mile Rule." The last encounter came from Small Dead Animals, a post titled "When All They Have Left Are The Slurs." Kate mentions 8 mile rule and ends with, "this morning, the 'tell these people something they don't know about me' title goes into retirement, at least as it pertains to Trump." Then, a commenter at SDA points to Wikipedia for an explanation. So I read it to understand 8 mile rule. Wikipedia describes the convolutions within the film, finally the denouement is Eminem's character's epiphany. He knows what his competition will say about him in their final life-changing rap competition, and he has new information about him, he's a fraud, he's not hood at all, he's actually named Clarence and he comes from a privileged background, private school and the like, and since his competition will tell the truth about Eminem's character he realizes his best move is own it, while exposing his opponent's fraud.  Not argue against it, just own it because then there is no more attack possible. If he defends then his attacker still owns the attack. If Eminem owns the accurate description of himself there is nothing left for ammunition and that puts an end to that line of attack.

Thus Kate's remark, "tell these people something they don't know about me" makes sense. And that's what the 4-Chan type commenter does to tremendous comedic effect, "It's like he know who I am," a single male who masturbates to Anime. He just admits that, and it's hilarious.

While the others are equally amusing defensively and offensively, "We don't masturbate to Anime, we masturbate to Manga." Others split the difference between Ecchi and Dōjinshi types of Manga. It's very funny, and the amusing nuts are all Trump supporters and Milo fans, and apparently they all already live the 8 mile rule. They cannot be offended or put on defense.


Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Dave Chappel and Chris Rock election night skit on SNL was hilarious

Chip Ahoy said...

SNL, Dave Chappel, Chris Rock

edutcher said...

Actually, Tweety would say, "Dwab em by the Puddy!"

AllenS said...

That was a great clip, Chip.

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

It'll be Toronto FC vs. Montreal Impact for the Eastern conference or division or whatever they call it on November 22nd. Last week I watched Toronto absolutely freaking decimate New York City FC. It was ugly. Like watching somebody get beat up.

My guess is Canadian dominance of MLS would be bad for business so I don't expect anything much to come of it.

Watched some of Brazil vs. Argentina last night. It was satisfying seeing Messi shut down as if he were a TV set and someone on the sidelines was holding the remote control. Not that I have anything against Messi, mind you. He's fucking amazing. It's just that it's good to get a reminder that it's a team sport and one player can't do it all on his own.

Speaking only for myself, media hype can ruin anything, even something so pure and simple and beautiful as athletic competition.

Sixty Grit said...

Of all the Wilson brothers I prefer Brian to Rick.

Leland said...

OK, between Chip and Evi endorsement, along with AllenS; I watched the clip. That's pretty much how my election night actually went. Kentucky (8% black) is nothing but racists, but she won Vermont (1% black). True fact, by percentage, there is more women than men in Kentucky compared to Vermont. What I learned Tuesday: the people who support the identity politics are insular.