Tuesday, November 15, 2016

edible rice paper

Bring-bring, bring-bring.

The phone wakes me up. I look around, a bit confused, I hear it ringing but cannot see it. It stops. Awake now still looking, oh! It's still in the backpack. I call the number, it says, "Washington." And I wonder who in Washington is calling me, it's even earlier there. Turns out it's a delivery. They're downstairs. The callbox is not working for me. We cannot get it together. "I'll be right down, give me a minute. I'm putting on my shoes."

I literally stumble out of the door and down the hallway. My legs are not working. They don't respond to demands anymore, but they do get me down the elevator and through the first floor hallway. I apologize profusely for being so difficult. The delivery guy, a foreigner with an Indian accent, is gracious as all of them are. I continually marvel at the grace extended to me that exceeds what I've shown. It blows my mind. The package is heavier than expected. "Know what this is?" Of course not.


"It's rice paper that melts in your mouth, to wrap candy."

All that for just that. He smiles broadly. "Good luck with your candy."

Want to see something totally stew-pud? Here goes.

Rice paper is made from potatoes. 


Sixty Grit said...

Slightly OT. Complex laminations of wood sliced paper thin with hand plane.

Chip Ahoy said...

WOW za.

I knew that was going to be Japanese before I clicked over.

I had just watched a video of guys splitting logs thinner and thinner. The is video titled to challenge you to guess what for. Once I saw there getting thinner and thinner but not finer I guessed "shingles" and I was right. But then after all that extraordinary slicing, the roofer slaps them on with a gun stapler in such a manner than seems to defy the previous precise splicing and invites leakage. And the contrast is so sharp you go, wtf? But apparently its a way to keep them from being blown off.

AprilApple said...

Why not call it potato paper? I guess rice paper sounds more sophisticated.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

Beautiful video Sixty. As a quilter, I used to make art quilts and used striped fabrics cut up and strategically placed to piece together and make interesting geometric designs. I saw some interesting possibilities in the placement and piecing of the wooden strips. Inspiring.

I love the rice candy, that I used to get when I was a kid. The paper melted in your mouth and the candy was sweet but not very sweet. I wonder what the name of that is? I may need to order some on line.