Thursday, November 3, 2016

Colorado busy body control freaks strike again

Another cigarette tax. Purportedly to to raise funds to produce education programs on the evil, the waste, the harm, the health hazard, the ugliness, the unseemliness, the disgust-producing effects of smoking cigarettes, while in reality only a small portion goes for education and the rest goes to bloat state and with no oversight. A move written into Colorado constitution that cannot be undone without this same monumental effort reversed.

You don't even have to tell me to vote against State busting a move on cigarette smokers, for their own good, of course, supporters knowing so much more than citizens themselves about what's good for them and what goes against their best longterm interests. Even when they are right. Rather because they are sanctimoniously right.  Smacking people around where they feel it the most, pow, right in their pocket books to drive their point, pushing around the lower echelons because they can, because they're more powerful, more knowledge about how things like this are done, and more obsessed with the business of other people, because they're on the right side of history, is obnoxious. And then presuming to do so in such a way, engaging their co-power players, their co-sponsors pulling their legal power moves,  that gives even more money and more power to unworthy unaccountable agencies is all flatly unacceptable and deserves a punch in the nose. Expect to be disappointed, all you collective smart asses.

I don't want to hear it!

Spare me your tautology for people with ears for it. Not me. And go to hell.

And while you're at it just suck my ... pull my finger.

Ew, I hate you so much. You're obnoxious obsessions make me hate you.

All you other guys didn't even have to tell me to vote no, you're all nearly just as bad. You needn't fill my mailbox with your own insistences.  I come preloaded with F to the fuck no!

All of this all at once. Get out of my mailbox already.

Colorado currently devotes a majority of its taxes on cigarettes to health-related programs, and Amendment 72 would more than triple the per-pack tax and pass along the proceeds to a similar variety of efforts.

Who sponsored this pile of horse shit anyway? Let's see who the sanctimonious control freaks are. I need to know whom never to invite to dinner, nor from whom to never accept an invitation. I'm expecting a handful of A-type lawyers. The kind that lobby for an half an hour to decide which restaurant to go then another half hour for which route to drive there, and another half hour for who drives with whom, and then opts out at the last minute. That's no exaggeration, that actually happened. 

And you know what? That guy died of ass cancer. 

I shouldn't have mentioned that because I'm supposed to be sad. But frankly, that one singe incident overrides all that preceded it. 

According to, here are the sponsors. 

Gov. John Hickenlooper

(Colorado Public Radio, “Governor Backs Minimum Wage And Tobacco Tax Hikes, Medically Assisted Death,” September 29, 2016)

Is that all? Thank you Colorado legislators for not jumping on this bandwagon. Good Lord, Hickenlooper is for all the wrong things. Don't look at me, I didn't vote for the guy.


All Kids Covered
Alzheimer's Association of Colorado
American Academy of Pediatrics - Colorado
American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network
American Heart Association
American Lung Association in Colorado
American Stroke Association
Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids
Caring for Colorado Foundation
Colorado Academy of Family Physicians
Colorado Access
Colorado Association of School Nurses
Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Council
Colorado Education Association
Colorado Center on Law and Policy
Colorado Chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians
Colorado Children’s Campaign
Colorado Coalition for the Medically Underserved
Colorado Consumer Health Initiative
Colorado Community Health Network
Colorado Dental Association
Colorado Fiscal Institute
Colorado Health Providers Alliance
Colorado Hospital Association
Colorado Nonprofit Association
Colorado Medical Society
Colorado Providers Association
Colorado Psychiatric Society
Colorado Public Health Association
Colorado Radiological Society
Colorado Society of Osteopathic Medicine
CREA Results
Denver Health and Hospital Authority
Denver Medical Society
Denver Public Health Department
Disabled American Veterans
E-9ers Association of Colorado
Eating Disorder Foundation
Good Samaritan Medical Center
Group to Alleviate Smoking Pollution (GASP)
Healthier Colorado
Honor Bell Foundation
LCW Post 1 American Legion
Los Servicios de La Raza
March of Dimes
Mile High Military Officers Association of America
Military Officers Association of America Council of Chapters
Military Order of the Purple Heart Department of Colorado
Mountain Family Health Centers
National Jewish Health
National Pathfinders Association
New Era
Oral Health Colorado
Paralyzed Veterans of America, Mountain States Chapter
Project Sanctuary
Public Health Nurses Association of CO
Rocky Mountain Navy
Servicios de La Raza
Team Equine Steps Foundation
United Veterans Committee
Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #1


Centura Health
Children’s Hospital Colorado
Clinica Family Health
Clinica Tepeyac
Community Health Provider Alliance
Craig Hospital
Delta Dental of Colorado
Denver Community Health Services
Health One
High Plains Community Health
Lutheran Medical Center
Marillac Clinic, Inc.
Mental Health Colorado
Metro Community Provider Network
Platte Valley Medical Center
Peak Vista Community Health Center
Pueblo Community Health Center
Pueblo Triple Aim Corporation
Rio Grande Hospital
River Valley Family Health Center
Rocky Mountain Fisher House
Saint Joseph Medical Center
Salud Family Health Center
SCL Health
St. Mary's Medical Center
Summit Community Care Clinic
Sunrise Community Health
Uncompahgre Medical Center

Wow. That's a LOT more than I anticipated. All these people despise freedom. All these people will gladly price cigarettes unreasonably and beyond reach for poor, and all to satisfy their own arrogant sanctimonious superior knowledge, understanding and comprehension of what happens to one's body when they smoke. They're all perfectly willing to kick around the bums on the street to drive their current obsessions, to kick the downtrodden, and when they are finished, when this obsession is satisfied, they move onto the next in their queue of obsessions. For they operate by triage of compulsive busybody obsessions. There is no permanent satisfaction. Just the smugness that comes with forcing the right humanitarian issues. 

I didn't realize until just now exactly how much fascist impulse drives the healthcare personality type. The disgust they must feel when they see someone smoking must be intense. 

A few days ago I walked over to BurgerFi, this was right before the young man came out of nowhere behind me in the darkness and yanked the door open while I was pulling it and pulling me off balance causing me to yelp, which he took for me being frightened by his sudden appearance. Right before that, the only person I saw was a tall man walking toward me and then as we passed he stopped and addressed me directly, "Do you have a cigarette I can buy from you?" 

"Sorry, Pal, I don't have anything like that." 

Cigarettes are already so expensive they're exchanged singularly at street level. All these medical control freaks, even the VFW!, even the military officers associations!, will have them priced out of reach for the poor. That is their aim, their desire, to price cigarettes beyond reasonable reach for the bottommost tier. What a bunch of freaking freaks.  


edutcher said...

I believe the appropriate cliche is, "B-b-b-b-but it's for the chil'run".

bagoh20 said...

California is gonna vote to increase the tax on cigs by $2.00/pack. This is the second or third time. No matter what the pitch, in reality all tax increases go to public employee pay, benefits and pensions. These have been so irresponsibly increased that they can't be funded, and must suck up every dollar available, leaving us with little else from the government beyond well-paid current and former government employees. Bad roads, terrible schools, nothing new or impressive out of the huge bureaucracy. All tax increases in most states are now just theft, plain and simple.

BleachBit-and-Hammers said...

CO is California's mini-me.

btw- If 69 passes, I'm outa here.

Trooper York said...

I wanted to give out loose cigarettes for Halloween.

It's a rite of passage.

Trooper York said...
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I'm Full of Soup said...

Chip/ April - maybe write a post on Colorado Bill 69- it would tax self people 10% of their income to establish single payer system??!!

Eric the Fruit Bat said...
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Eric the Fruit Bat said...

If cigarettes were invented today there is no way in hell they'd be legal.

Deal with it.

BleachBit-and-Hammers said...

It's not about the cigarette. It's about our pathetic bureaucratic administrative state. The economic illiterates scheme for any tax rape so they can keep the gravy train going without ever actually providing the services they promise. It's always to fill underfunded government pensions. In CO - it's pera. Pera is broke.

Guess what! Hillary wants an army of government workers to swarm the bureaucratic administrative state and create a permanent voting block that will continue to vote to kill the golden goose.

Methadras said...

But all that pot money was supposed to be so great. All you got with weed is more criminality, more homeless and their problems, more crime as it's still an all cash business, and the black market pot dealers trying to undersell the legal retail market. People would say, well why would you go to a dealer instead of a dispensary? There are all sorts of reasons why.

Amartel said...

Hey, at least you've got a Republican running for the Senate. Here in California our choice for Boxer's senate throne is between 2 dumb dems. The establishment candidate is a Willie Brown protege Kamala Harris (currently our AG and backed by both Feinstein and Boxer). The Latino establishment candidate is half-wit left-wing nut job Loretta Sanchez who uses racially disparaging terms (towards Vietnamese and Indians) and probably is involved in shady financial dealings but is never accountable because they're small time and this is a full-on blue state. Not a Republican in sight due to passage of law that the top two vote-getters in the primary go on to the general election.

Amartel said...

Propositions on our Cali ballot include:
-Gun ban/restriction: Bans magazines of 11 rounds or more, require background checks for ammunition and require the state to share data in the FBI’s background check system, among other things
-Marijuana legalization (they sooo want the tax revenue but Potheads Beware: State will also mandate purity rules. Bummer!)
-Pro Death Penalty and Anti Death Penalty
-Law requiring actors to wear condoms in porn. Basically, the rest of the porn industry will move to Nevada if this passes
-Proposition to go back to multilingual education (overturning 1998 proposition requiring English immersion)
-Sentencing overhaul so certain "nonviolent" felons can be released early
-The usual sundry and tawdry efforts to increase revenue to the state

Amartel said...

-$2/pack tax on ciggies.
And e-cigs. Because that makes total sense!
Of course!