Thursday, October 6, 2016

Vox Day's prescription to fix the NFL decline.

  • Reduce the 17-week, 16-game season to 15 weeks, with 14 games.
  • Ban all politics by players and the league. No more flags on helmets, pink cleats, or protests. If the league can discipline a player for wearing the wrong color wristband, it can do so for failing to stand at attention, Bud Grant-style, for the anthem. Black helmet stickers for one game to honor a deceased player, coach, or owner are acceptable.
  • Cut down on the number of flags, particularly those that nullify a big play without having directly affected it. And get rid of instant replay. It's only made matters worse, to the extent that no one even knows what a catch is anymore.
  • Stop emphasizing the pass. 500-yard passing games are flag football and BYU, not the NFL. Pass interference is 10 yards, automatic first down.
  • Encourage more white players by adopting standard, race-neutral 2-game bans for an arrest, 4 more games for a conviction. Teams will tend to prefer the more law-abiding marginal white players over the more athletic marginal black players because the former will be able to stay on the field.
  • No more wild card teams. Win the division, make the playoffs. Two rounds and the Super Bowl will end playoff fatigue.


Sixty Grit said...

You can't go home again, nor will I ever waste another minute watching what has become WWE with pads. Good riddance.

Mumpsimus said...

The two-week wait between conference championships and the Superbowl is a big interest- and momentum-killer.

windbag said...

Too late to win back those who have left on principle.

Salary cap of $1,000 per game. Those who love the game will stay, right? The trash will blow away.

ricpic said...

Don Ameche Mourns

My doctor tells me I should exercise,
He says it might add years --

"Iron Horse" Ameche dragging tacklers,
Life free of foolish fears.

edutcher said...

How about fewer teams?

50 years ago, the NFL had 14 teams, now there are 31.

I once heard someone comment on Pete Rozelle's remark in the 80s the league had reached parity.

The rejoinder was it wasn't parity bur mediocrity.

Get rid of the mediocrity and you lose a lot of the thugs and jerks.

Leland said...

So I'm watching the game at the local bar. SF just drove 87 yds over 10 plays for a TD. The freakin NFL/CBS announcers spent the entire time talking about the lousy 2nd string QB riding the bench, instead of covering the 1sr string QB driving his team to a TD. Fix that nonsense and maybe the viewership decline will stop. I'm only watching, because the TV is on and the beer cheap. If they put it on the cooking channel, I'd still be here.

XRay said...

I could get behind most of that, thing is, the thug rot has descended to the college level now. Possibly even high school, even before? So, we're essentially, looking for a redo of society, a society in which thug life has become an aspiration for many. I don't see much hope.

I stopped watching years ago, just too much bullshit.

No newbie here, I was a 49'er fan when Y.A. Tittle was QB, I used to enjoy the game.

chickelit said...

Any attempt to de-thug the NFL will now be met by anger and protest and sympathetic media.

I have heard rumbles about NFL viewership declines but I don't hear or see the suits worried about the bottom line -- yet.