Friday, October 7, 2016

"Obama Administration Is Quietly Delaying Thousands of Deportation Cases"

The shift, described in interviews with immigration lawyers, federal officials, and current and former judges, has been occurring without public attention for months. It amounts to an unannounced departure from the administration’s widely publicized pronouncements that cases tied to the so-called surge of 2014 would be rushed through the immigration courts in an effort to deter more Central Americans from entering the United States illegally.

The delayed cases are those of nearly half of the Central Americans who entered the United States as families since 2014, and close to a quarter of the total number of Central Americans who entered during that period, according to figures from the Justice Department.

The delays are being made as a cost-saving measure, federal officials said, because of a lapse in enforcement that allowed immigrants who were supposed to be enrolled in an electronic monitoring program to go free.

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edutcher said...

Worse than that.

ICE agents have told Donald Trump the order was given because the illegals are being allowed to vote.

Trooper York said...

What's the big deal? The Hillary apologist will tell you we can't stop illegal immigration. We can't build a wall. We can't enforce the immigration law. The cops and the border patrol are the problem. Not the illegal immigrants, drug upped criminals and scum who shouldn't be incarcerated because there are too many minorities in jail. Don't be a racist.

edutcher said...

I recall the bluebird of Happiness whining about how we would all blame vote fraud if The Donald lost. It's already started.

BTW Some stats that aren't filtered through Ned Silver.

Political Polls @PpollingNumbers
Google Consumer Surveys

Trump 42 (+7)
Clinton 35

North Carolina
Trump 42 (+11)
Clinton 31

Clinton 37 (Tie)
Trump 37

Trooper York said...

Polls smolls. They will change fifty times before the election. This is the ultimate roller coaster ride. Douche bags like Allah Pundit will trumpet every poll that has Trump behind and say he can't win Arizona or Utah any other fucking place that is in the bag. It is all rigged. The polls. The commentary. Just ignore it as white noise and keep on pushing.

edutcher said...

I know, but I just wanted to show the polls are all over the map.

Some of our confreres take whatever the media hands them without question; I just noticed a counter-example.

Amartel said...

The Obama Administration's sudden interest in "cost savings" is suspicious (ludicrously brazenly false).