Saturday, September 3, 2016

Trump at Great Faith Ministries Church, Detroit

I love this so much.

And the networks cannot handle it. They cannot help themselves. Their own innate racism cannot be disguised. They cannot even see it so they cannot even think of trying.

And you can tell this by their titles alone. You don't even have to read them. The great thing is, you don't have to.

We'll just ask the internet about [trump detroit] and read the titles. No need to go any further with this. It can only annoy. I'll copy/paste to make this easy.

Trump brings message of unity to black church

Protests heat up in Detroit as Trump looks to court black voters

Trump Tells Black Churchgoers in Detroit Visit Is 'To Learn' - ABC News

Then there's Twitter. Apparently it cannot be avoided even when you say, "No more!"

11 hours ago - View on Twitter
Media. Donald Trump did not visit a black church in Detroit. He rented a banquet center on a Saturday morning next to a black church.Tony Schwartz (@tonyschwartz)

1 hour ago - View on Twitter
Trump did not utter an authentic word today in Detroit. He was 100% scripted. He is a living insult to the black community.
Trump goes to Detroit and he gets a free ride without having to bail out the auto industry or spend time in . Are you impressed? No!

Detroit's mayor rips 'phony' Trump visit: I feel like I'm watching 'The Apprentice'

BLACK LEADER Praises Trump's Det

Detroit reverend unleashes a righteous smackdown of Trump’s ‘scam’ visit to a black chu
Ugh. No need to continue. There are other ways to phrase this, you know, depending on how you see the world, depending on your lens to the world and depending on your own unchallenged biases. Show us your heart. 

Like this:

Trump to Detroit: 'We're all brothers and sisters' - Detroit News

Now, this is interesting. For all these Trump rallies and meeting and public policy statements I find the Right Side Broadcast Network the most reliable. The most thorough. The least interested in advancing their own interest. They don't have a gigantic logo smeared across the bottom of my preciously tiny screen. But this time they were not there in Detroit and so relied on corporate feed. Too bad, because Reuters cut off the ending as it was just too much for them to endure Bishop Jackson as he was deliverering a blessing to Mr. Trump. These blessings and gifts must happen a lot, I suppose, but I've never seen anything like this and I must say that it is truly touching. 

Trump behaved differently in this church. It is a church after all, and he is speaking to church goers, not the usual rowdy roughnecks and irreligious people like myself. 

I wish I could be good. But I cannot. I just flatly am not that good. And it shows.

You must listen carefully. There are much better listeners out there than me. I appreciate their super hearing ability and rely on them to explain to me what really is happening. 

The cameraman is instructed to shut off the camera. The cameraman says, "I'm getting this. I don't care if I'm demoted." (possibly "fired) So we see the gift of two bibles, nice ones too, from the Jewish Study Center. I think. And I'm wondering, well, that would be the Old Testament then, no? But it is not. It's New Testament and Old Testament. Two large books with gold edges. One for Trump and another for his wife.

Just in case she goes the way of Trump's previous wives. 

I'm kidding, I'm kidding. 

He also presents to Trump prayer shawl that he refers to by a different name. From Israel. The Jewish white shawl with blue parallel lines at the ends, but this one has a neck band sewn into it and a string tie. And wraps it around Trumps shoulders. Trump looks great as a rabbi. Bishop Jackson tells Trump that he prayed over this shawl and fasted. He smiles at his congregation so naturally, so genuinely and so brightly that you understand by his smile alone why he is so popular with this congregation. He says that throughout Trump's travels, he just came back from Mexico and other places, "There will be times when you are rebuked" and he wanted to present the shawl for comfort and for prayer to Mr. Trump as anointment." 

I thought anointment involved oil. But what do I know? 

The congregation is excited. They liked the whole thing from beginning to end. They liked Trump's humility. This gathering has a completely different feel to it. They rise to their feet and applaud.

"Shut it off" And the screen goes blank before Bishop Jackson's blessing is concluded. 

Media as we know it simply cannot handle what they are witnessing and they do not want you to see it. This has become obvious. They simply must reinterpret what they are seeing so that events are forced fitted into their own relationship with truth. This shows in the post titles and everywhere, on Twitter, in comments and throughout. 

The video is short and it is touching. 

One last thing; this passage that Trump reads from an early chapter in John, one of the synoptic (one eye) gospels, is in the voice that makes the New Testament so appealing. 

This was not taught to me in church or any Sunday School classes. I had to learn this myself from reading the bible, not in chunks as it's delivered in church, not how church goers receive it, rather straight through. The voices change as you go. The comprehension of God evolves as it goes. Especially between Testaments. And the voices of the early prophets are frankly harsh, they tend to lighten as they go until finally Zechariah and Malachi at the end before the gap of the Maccabees don't sound all that bad at all, and then a tremendous change in tone at Mathew, Mark, Luke and John and the united voices change dramatically. 

The nature of God as father is introduced by Jesus and that is a deeply profound difference in the character of God delivered by prophets. You grasp as reader why Jesus is seen as Son of God. Jesus taught throughout that understanding the nature of God this way is the best way for humans to understand him. Because of their own earthly father. He says this directly. You know how much your earthly father love you. Forgiving you things not extended to others. The character of a human father's love is unique. You know of their human imperfections. So, how much greater then is God's love for you expressed in perfection. And this is a heartening message that changed the world. This is central to the great appeal of His word through history to this day.

And that makes me sad for broken families because they have more difficulty latching onto this idea until they are themselves a father and experience this forgiveness themselves. Or marry one.

I've seen this in my own father, and extended to all of his children. Further, I've benefitted tremendously from this type of love and affection.

Video of Trump as preacher. Full (ha!) Speech

Reuters cuts feed just as Trump is being blessed by Bishop Jackson.

You must listen carefully to the end to catch the hot mic.

Interesting also is how Bishop Jackson speaks to his wife. I found it touching. I found the whole thing very touching. 


chickelit said...

The intentionally cut Reuters feed part you link to is the most damning piece of Hillary bias I've seen today. I hesitate to say "have ever seen." Apparently, when Reuters shuts their feed down, so goes the rest of the world's eyes. Hard to believe in this day and age.

chickelit said...

Isn't Donna Brazile just the next DWS?

edutcher said...

Trump continues to do himself a lot of good going outside the box.

And this is the Demos' worst nightmare, even worse the finding out Hillary's people smashed her cell phones with hammers or that her first real give-and-take in 8 months will be the first debate. Black people are warming to Donald Trump. If he takes even 10%, it a disaster; any more and we're talking Reaganesque '84 blowout*.

LBJ thought it would be 200 years before blacks voted Republican.

Now even Dr Evil concedes The Donald may take the popular vote in a landslide.

* Funny little demographic thingy seems to be happening (one of many). Trump seems to be attracting Hispanics that are native-born and English-speaking. That's about 2/3. If he gets half (and he is within striking distance), another blowout looms.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

I thought it was great. This sort of outreach is exactly what Trump needs.

And unlike some here, I do not think it was insincere. I think Trump is seriously trying. It is hard to fake sincerity.

And yeah, the media fears it.

AllenS said...

Good move by Trump.

ndspinelli said...

Long time coming. I like the "what do you got to lose" he keeps using. I would like to see Trump really start speaking truth. "The Dems have treated black people like slaves since the 60's" would be the bitter truth.

ndspinelli said...

I'm not being negative!! I like this outreach. I just would like to see him take off the gloves.

AprilApple said...

Notice BRazile is telling her blind faith idiot followers .. how to think and feel.

don't think - the answer is no.

AprilApple said...

ND - Im with you. What does Trump have to lose? Take the gloves off, Trump.

edutcher said...

The gloves have been off for some time.

It's just that some people are so busy whining and hating, they haven't noticed.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

ed you have a bad link on your comment above (FYI)

edutcher said...


They're all working for me.

chickelit said...

The Dr Evil Gateway one...

edutcher said...

Can't find it now.

Very weird.

Sorry about that.

William said...

Through all its long years of sad decline, can anyone name a single Democrat or journalist who reported that Mayor Coleman Young might be doing something wrong? Coleman Young kept winning by increasing margins. This appearance will not win Donald Trump a single black vote in Detroit.

Trooper York said...

The kabuki aspect of the dance is important.

I doubt it will move the needle that much. But he had to put in the effort.

edutcher said...


People do seem to be listening, not how much he gets will be interesting, but anything over 5% and the Demos are in trouble.

Trooper York said...

I think he can improve marginally. Maybe as much as 15%. Much more than Romney certainly.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Troop, these votes count double in a way (if they vote for Trump and not for Hillary). Any black vote that Trump takes from Hillary hurts her, take enough and she loses. ed is right, it won't take that much in certain states.

edutcher said...

Trooper York said...

I think he can improve marginally. Maybe as much as 15%. Much more than Romney certainly.

That would be more than enough, I think.

MamaM said...

This was a fine report. Something I wouldn't have read or looked for if it hadn't been for the links provided in the post. Thank you.

Whether Trump is ahead or behind, wins or loses, I'm heartened whenever integrity appears and connection happens, as it did right there in Detroit, with someone who wasn't afraid to reach out and speak about about what he believed, and do so from the heart.

ndspinelli said...

Pollyanna lives.

MamaM said...

And who might that zinger, er..observation, be pointed at ND?

I was heartened by Bishop Jackson's faith, and his willingness to speak out and offer hospitality, blessing and encouragement. That seems like a fine thing, worth noting, celebrating and emulating.