Sunday, September 4, 2016

corn flake cookie reviews

The recipe is here at allrecipes. It includes both oil and margarine, ugh, to both of those, and the other ingredients are what you can expect in any cookie recipe, brown sugar, white sugar, eggs, vanilla extract, baking soda (for softness most likely rather than chemically adjusting pH., plus baking powder, salt, along with things that will make them great, cornflakes for crunch, oats, chocolate chips and walnuts.

Allrecipes fails to say, "Go forth and do whatever you wish. Bake a small batch first and be prepared to make adjustments to suit you." But that is what every recipe should say.

Chefs often tell their audience with some humility that they don't bake because baking is too much like chemistry, that everything must be precise and pulled off just so.

Such poppycock. Were the original home bakers, most likely young women all chemists?

I think not.

But it's the reviews that tickle me.

I'll copy / paste to show what I mean. Eh, you know all this already. It's just fun.

The printed recipe is wrong. Too high a temperature for too long. You can tell by reading it that this is not going to work. Their oven is off. If they bothered, that is.
4 of 5 stars: It's good. 1/2'd the recipe. I didn't use canola oil, only margarine. Added a scoop of PB, but think it's better without. A handful of coconut, and used Honey Almond Cluster cereal (and was told that I skimped on the choc. chips)... 11 minutes. DO NOT Over-Bake!!! Crispy outside, soft inside. It's a great "surprise" cookie.
Well you baked a different cookie altogether then, didn't you?  I'm not criticizing here, rather, I'm applauding.
5 stars: Excellent! Exactly what I was looking for: crunchy yet chewy. Love the chocolate chips. I increased the cornflakes to 2 cups and decreased bake time to 9 minutes. The family loves these cookies!
No, it's not excellent. Your cookie is excellent. Just say, "Thanks for the great idea. It gave me me a wonderful start.
5 stars: This recipe was great! They were crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. My family loves them!  I added coconut, substituted cinnamon chips, and omitted the nuts. I will make them again soon!
You'll make your own soon. You could write your own book! Use this recipe and not be challenged for plagiarism. You don't even need recipes. Just an idea to get you started.
5 stars: SOooo good. I made these for a physics class party and they dissappeared in no time! My family loves them. I omitted the nuts.
Nuts are essential! What do you mean you left them out? And you, a physics student! I bet you did poorly in chemistry. Substitute pecans for walnuts, okay, but leaving nuts out is forbidden. Back of the class for you.
5 stars: Excellent! Exactly what I was looking for: crunchy yet chewy. Love the chocolate chips. I increased the cornflakes to 2 cups and decreased bake time to 9 minutes. The family loves these cookies!
What? 1/2 cup extra corn flakes? That changes everything. You outrageous rebel.
5 stars: Great cookies! They are a crispy and chewy delight. I made the following changes: used Earth Balance instead of butter, Egg Beaters instead of eggs, omitted the walnuts, and used dark chocolate chips. Lastly, I baked them at 350 for 12 minutes. Perfect! I will make these often. Thanks for sharing your recipe. :-)
Recipe doesn't call for butter, it calls for two types of oil, one saturated and the other unsaturated. If anything replace the oils for butter. Come on. But you sound like my kind of gal. Let's be friends.

Is this fun, or what?
5 stars: I only made these because I had too many Corn Flakes and nobody who wanted to eat them. The recipe turned out, and we ate them all, but who wants to eat corn flake cookies over say, chocolate chip??
What? You see, the cornflakes are for their uniquely delicate crunch. Who doesn't like that? Don't you get tired of the same thing all the time? You're stuck. Go vote for Hillary.
5 stars: These are great. I used a cup of solid magarine instead of the half and half. Used 1 tsp of Maple flavoring instead of vanilla and baked @ 350F for 14 mins on my stoneware bar pans. They came out perfect, crispy and chewy and oh so yummy. Definitely a keeper.
You have margarine in your house? What do you, hate humanity, or what? Trying to kill your own family? Gawl!
5 stars: The first pan I baked with a dark cookie sheet and the cookies spread out, so I added more flour and used a shiny pan next and the cookies stayed fluffy. I don't know if it was the pan or the flour but they were terrific. Crunchy but soft and chewy. I accidently left them out on the wire racks all night and they were still perfect in the morning. I finally found the fluffy,crunch, soft cookie I have been looking for. Thank you!!!
Good girl. It was the flour.
4 stars: Nice standard cookie. I think I may have added too much backing powder though because they ended up closer resembling muffins than cookies. I also think that adding some coca power to the mix would make a nice chocolately version. I sprinkled some on one of them in the tin and it ended up being my favorite.
Yup. You used too much flour so they were too stiff. And cocoa, being a powder, takes the place of flour.
1 star: I thought these cookies were terrible. My husband said he would probably eat them. Then again, he eats anything! This is probably the first recipe from Allrecipes that I have been truly disappointed in!
Too bad none of that can be discerned the first tray so she's stuck baking failure after failure. I bet her husband dips them in coffee. That reminds me, nobody added coffee.
4 stars: Well i decided to try these cookies, started making them to realize i had no oats bummer! So i looked through my pantry and seen the graham crackers lol so i decided to add a cup of crushed graham crackers in place of the oats It worked out quiet well lol pretty darn good cookie! You get a nice crunch from the corn flakes but yet nice an chewy im glad now i ran out of oats i will make these again !! Also I baked these at 350 for about 13 min.
That happens lol.
4 stars: I used stevia instead of white sugar and unbleached whole wheat flour instead of all-purpose. Also used steel cut oats. A healthier version! They're great though, and I followed what others mentioned- 350 for about 10-12 minutes and they were perfect. I don't have a wire rack so I just flipped them over once I took them out of the oven.
Well. At least they used oil and margarine. Ugh. And at least they used everything else in precisely the right proportions. And baked at the stated time, or else all would be lost.

Would you put oil and margarin on your breakfast oatmeal?

There you go. Everybody conformed with 2 eggs. And I've never seen any recipe specify regular eggs, extra large eggs or jumbo eggs. Eggs cohere the other ingredients, add body and flavor and behave as leaven. But recipes do not specify the amount of egg precisely as they do everything else. And everything is always to the 1/2 cup and teaspoon increment. Further, with bread,  they always do fudge on the flour. And this shows why there is no point really in specifying any amount at all. Ever.  Just list suggested ingredients, the temperature is always 350˚, except this one, and most bakers here knew better than that. They know their own preferences and their own oven's quirks. In this sense baking is no different from all other cooking and the claim that chefs make about chemistry is just absurd nonsense.

Oh dear. I don't have chocolate chips, but I have 20LBS of couverture chocolate. I never have any walnuts around here nor enough pecans persently. And rather low on oatmeal as well, although there might be enough. And I never bring margarine into my home. I wouldn't do that. That's not even a thing. I guess I cannot make these cookies.

But maybe I can make something else. Maybe something like cornflake crusted peach pie. Then write a review to this allrecipe page and tell them about my adjustments.
5 stars: I left out walnuts and oatmeal and chocolate chips, substituted real butter for oil and margarine and omitted baking soda and baking powder and eggs and I substituted peaches for everything else because they're in season and I have a lot of those and instead of a bunch of little cookies I put it all in one tin in the form of a pie. I also added a tablespoon of vodka. And pressed the dough into the pan with my fingers to keep the cornflake crunch and added the peaches as topping. The family loved it. Thanks for the recipe! You're always so reliably brilliant! 


MamaM said...

I trust you to be on the road to healing as long as you can see to read and are salivating enough to comment on cookies as potential digestive companions without soaking the keyboard.

Can the people stuck in rigidity and conformity hear the small voice inside longing to break free, create, do something outside the box, and taste freedom? It's there, showing up in increments, degrees and half cups. Along with detailed reports of how they managed the task.

MamaM said...

What surprises and heartens me, when looking a folk crafts, such as the quilts and hooked rugs made for daily use, is how much they reveal at even the most primitive level of the importance of beauty, pattern and self expression in everyday life.

Sixty Grit said...

While my food allergies prevent me from even considering baking a peach pie, I must say that recipe made me long for the days when I could consume such wondrous foodstuffs.

Well done, or at least, nicely browned, Chip.