Thursday, August 18, 2016

"Valley adult film producer blasts state for ‘tiresome’ condom fine"

LA Daily NewsAn adult film production company has been fined by state regulators after inspectors found its performers working without condoms, which is against the law in California, officials said this week.

Boy Racer Inc., which produces the Burning Angel website, was cited $32,400 for four violations based on an inspection conducted in April at a production site in Porter Ranch, according to Cal/OSHA.

Burning Angel founder Joanna Angel said in a statement she would not let the violations stop her from creating her work.

“In addition to the financial loss I have impending, this citation has been incredibly tedious and tiresome, and incredibly straining for a small business like mine to deal with,” she said. “My lawyer and I will deal with this and not let down my fans, my followers or any of the amazing talent in this industry.”


bagoh20 said...

"...based on an inspection conducted in April at a production site..."

I can imagine the competition at OSHA over this assignment. The boss probably had to handle it personally.

edutcher said...

Burning Angel, interesting name.

ndspinelli said...

There's a gadfly journalist I've gotten to know online. He writes for AVN. The porn industry HATES this rule and do all they can to defeat it.

rhhardin said...

A religious exemption should apply.

chickelit said...

The rule probably takes a load off some of the girls involved.