Tuesday, July 5, 2016

What about the star of David and Trump?

BreitbartIf you read establishment or left-wing political news this weekend, you know the big story is that Donald Trump obviously made a big mistake by tweeting an anti-Semitic meme — an iconic Hillary Clinton campaign photo in front of piles of cash, next to a Star of David. He’s under fire from the press, Republicans have nothing to say in his defense, and he’s sending out erratic statements denying that the shape is a Star of David.

But what if that’s not what happened at all?

What if Trump sent out something patently offensive to a couple hundred journalists who are Verified on Twitter — so they would blow up its reach to an audience that might not take such great offense?

He’s done it before.


edutcher said...

One small problem, his favorite daughter, Ivanka, her husband and their children are all Jewish.

Not to mention Trump demanded blacks and Jews have access to Mar-A-Lago.

April hardest hit.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

How is the representation of the Star of David anti-semitic when it is the representation on the flag of the State of Israel. Is the State of Israel an anti-semitic State? I doubt it.

The logic of this type of charge escapes me.

The 6 pointed star of a sheriff is extremely common. Plus as a cut out of metal, the shape is structurally stable. Are sheriff departments all over the United States anti semites too?

People need to get a grip on all this faux outrage over nothing.

ricpic said...

It could just as well have been a Sheriff's Star. But why be defensive when it comes to these despicable leftist smear merchants? The focus should be on their dissimulation not on their target.

Trooper York said...

Trump did make a mistake in backing down but if he didn't this would have been the 24/7 news story in lieu of the Lynch meeting, emails, Clinton Cash or any other news story that might damage Hillary. It was an unforced error. He took the best route available to defuse the situation which is changing it and ridiculing the people who are trying to make something of it.

The real point of this controversy is that Trump should be ashamed to be supported by White People and that the idea of White People as a tribe or a special interest must be wiped out by the elites. That is their goal.

ndspinelli said...

WTF people?? The MSM and elitists keep throwing up anything they can to see if it works. In the past, a candidate would have been toast under this assault. There is a new paradigm. Normal people are making up their own minds. Now, that does not mean that elitists still don't have control. We saw today they control the "justice" system. But, they don't control the narrative. I think the only way Trump is derailed is if he is locked up, killed, or if he implodes; the latter being his highest risk. I'm not some Trump dick sucker like some. I do not jump for joy about saying President Trump. I just see big pictures better than most who get bogged down in minutiae.

edutcher said...

Do you jump for joy saying President Hillary?

Just askin'

ndspinelli said...

LOL! A dick sucker question right on cue.

chickelit said...

spinelli wrote: I just see big pictures better than most who get bogged down in minutiae.

Nice R&B impression there Nick. Almost as good as your Titus impression.